What clothing to choose when you practice running?

Tips for running apparel

For lovers of running it is essential to wear suitable sportswear because it can offer a greater motor capacity without impediments in movement due to the fabrics: therefore it is also necessary to take into account the type of material for greater comfort and practicality. Choose right running pants here: https://willpowerpeak.com/best-running-pants/.

For this reason it is well known that technical running apparel is the most suitable, instead of using an outfit completely made of cotton.

It is important to always stay dry while running and therefore the choice of clothing material is the most important part.

The suitable material must be able to absorb sweat and take it outside, not hold it like cotton, so we are talking about clothing made of synthetic fiber or polypropylene fiber.

What are the properties of polypropylene?

Polypropylene fibers are used in the production of technical clothing for running, but not only, also for any sports activity. The advantage of this fiber is its lightness, thermal insulation and breathability.

Its purpose is that of a low absorption of liquids and a great ability to wick sweat away from our skin, that’s why it is a widely used fiber.

Its lightness is no small thing, that’s why it is widely used both in cycling and running clothing, a light weight and freedom of movement can make a big difference in these two sports.

Running apparel

First of all, top quality men’s running jerseys are the basis of technical running apparel, with one great goal: to protect from wind, cold or leave cool and dry when it’s hot in summer.

The advice is to prefer a tank top or running shirt with thin seams or flat seams, so as to avoid rubbing on the skin.

Runnig pants should also be breathable like the men’s sports jersey or tank top, so they should have the same material.

The pants must not prevent any movement and must not have seams that can irritate the skin.

Especially in the winter season it is important to use a jacket or cape to protect against wind, cold or rain.

Small accessories but great allies against icy air

The use of small accessories to protect neck and face, such as men’s running collar protectors, is an excellent choice, especially in winter, so as not to suffer the low temperatures and wind in the most exposed areas of the body.

As the last step of running clothing is the choice of sports shoes, they must be suitable for the type of sport you practice and have an excellent quality so as to have a better movement in running.

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