will tightening oil pan bolts stop leak

I checked above where the oil pan meets the block all around and it's dry, there's no build up from what you'd see after oil has been leaking there for a while. For this reason, many hobbyists who see dirt and oil film on the outside of an oil pan or valve cover with a cork gasket believe that it is leaking, and consequently over-tighten the hold-down bolts. How to repair oil leak in car engine drain bolt. I still got leaks. When installing the pan with a new gasket, progressively and CAREFULLY tighten all the bolts until the taps just come in contact with the transmission housing (see image below). Tighten the oil pan bolts with a 1/2-inch drive ratchet to the manufacturer's specifications for your oil pan. How to repair oil leak in car engine drain bolt. this would eliminate these kind of problems as far as the gasket getting messed up. Re: How tight to tighten oil pan bolts?? The oil cooler block off piece did not stop the leak. Also be careful not to misread the post above that says the torque is 80 in pounds. I like to tighten the bolts until the stop tabs get close - then wait 10 minutes for the rubber to compress - then I go back and complete the tightening sequence. Most oil pan bolts are tightened to between 25 and 27 foot-pounds. Wiped clean the area and gave her a day then looked again. the car quest one has a steel insert and all but impossible to over torque. There is a high probability of breaking a bolt off in the block, and then your expense significantly increases. When they rebuilt the engine they recommended and installed a competition oil pan gasket. I found two replacements that were about .5 cm longer and worked. I'm stumped, the leak is the same as it was before I did the gasket and I've done it twice. Tighten the bolts in a pattern starting from the middle of the pan to the outer edges, along the long sides of the pan -- tighten the short sides of the pan … Please do not do this. The most left bolt and the middle one is dripping quite a bit of oil. I crawled under and tightened the pan bolts and found that the two rear-most bolts were stripped. To me it seems that the front three oil pan bolts are leaking (see attached picture). I'd drive the car and see small drips under the car. Unfortunately, even after tightening the bolts, oil continued to leak when the engine was warm. Discovered the other day an oil leak at the front of the engine. I thought the oil was leaking from my transmission, but the shop said it was coming from my oil pan gasket. I'd get it on the lift and see oil on the bolt heads, dripping off to the floor. This will not stop the natural wicking process that is responsible for the dirt accumulation. I have dealt with slight oil leaks with my 3 different 440 engines. I've always used a windage tray. Overtightening the oil pan bolts may deform the pan surface, and then it will never be possible to stop it from leaking until you get a new pan. Suggest to be very careful to usethe correct torque if you try tightening the bolts. When I brought the car in the week before last, the shop re-torqued the bolts on my oil pan, put dye in my engine oil and cleaned the affected areas. 4wd Hardware and CarQuest sell nice neoprene and steel 1piece pan gaskets. In a few cases, I have used lock washers on the bolts. The bolts are aluminum, torque to yield bolts. I have a 1990 190E 2.6 and it started leaking oil like a sieve from the rear of the pan. I think that the one i boutght coust $26. That’s INCH pounds. Oil pan gasket leaks are extremely common in E90 series xi's.

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