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Healthy and well being of lab. well-being, laboratory animals generally may ... pdf. The journal is published by SAGE on behalf of Laboratory Animals Ltd. ‘Laboratory Animals’ is a major international journal focused on laboratory animal science and welfare. Laboratory animal allergies and associated asthma are among the most common conditions affecting individuals who work with laboratory animals. 3. Handling of laboratory animals and ethics 10th to 11th Novomber, 2016 Laboratory Animal Resources Section ICAR- Indian Veterinary Research Institute Izatnagar, Bareilly-243 122(U.P), India Training Program on It is not intended to be a comprehensive text on animal anaesthesia, but concentrates on those areas that are of greatest practical importance when anaesthetizing laboratory animals. Disposal of euthanized laboratory animals must be conducted in accord with all relevant legislation, consistent with health, environmental, and aesthetic concerns, and as approved by the IACUC. Title: Laboratory Animal Breeding: ), and the Animal Welfare Act (Public Law 89-544). In many clinical situations, laboratory animal veterinarians do not have available approved drugs with this information. For more information or to read the journal, please visit Lab Animals at SAGE journals. animals for experimental purposes, led to the development of laboratory animal science in the 1950s. 1. animals in research (including new chapters on ferrets and zebrafish, as well as chapters on extraneous variables and the human-animal bond) that describe species-specific needs and offer recommendations on how to address them in the laboratory. This handbook attempts to provide a basic guide to anaesthesia for research workers and animal technicians. Fluid 2. The prevention or minimization of animal pain, distress, or discomfort by the proper use of tranquilizers, anesthetics, and analgesics is scientifically and ethically essential to the humane care, use, and treatment of research animals. techniques into the field of laboratory animal anaesthesia. No animal shall be discarded until its SOT Animals in Research Public Policy Statement 1999 Research involving laboratory animals is necessary to ensure and enhance human and animal health and It encompasses the biology of laboratory animals, their environmental requirements, Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (1996 ed. This is a multidisciplinary branch of science aimed at contributing to the quality of experiments in which animals are used and at improving their welfare. • Research animals must be used in a responsible manner. Diet 3. 2. Introduction Laboratory animals are used for different studies It may include bioassay, preclinical studies etc. Litter 5. Several sections of the guidelines have yet to be finalised, but the Councils are now issuing those relating to housing and care of laboratory animals. used by all persons responsible for laboratory animals and particularly by licensees and others now working under the authority of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, 1986. • Scientifically-valid research designed to reduce, refine or replace the need for laboratory animals is encouraged. laboratory animals according to the animal welfare and ethical norms. Even animal entirely depend almost entirely on a. the care b. humanity c. watchfulness of the staff of the animal house. Cages 6. H. Animals that reach or exceed their breeding life should be culled from the colony and replaced with offspring reserved for this purpose (It may be necessary to periodically bring in “new blood,” i.e., new animals from other blood lines in order to maintain the viability of the colony). In addition, they may be asked to assist investigators in the dose selection of experi-mental drugs. Labelling of the cages 7. 9. This need for “off-label” drugs is recognized in legisla-tion (European Commission, 1990; Federal Register, 1996). Cleanliness 4. Typically, allergies to animals result from repeated exposure to an animal’s dander, urine, saliva, …

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