hetalia fanfiction america protects canada

22 Comments. A snapped!America story. ~~~~~ It was a typical day in North America. Canada’s eyes aren’t pretty enough for a poorly executed metaphor, apparently. Summary: Canada's day continues to spiral out of control after Russia sits on him during the world meeting. When a certain hair curl of his decides to become acquainted with Russia's jacket, Canada ends up in an embarrassing and frightening situation. France x Egypt 10. the Caretakers of … With his helmet on, the motor roaring, and a rain of sand and pebbles all around him, he was blind and deaf to all but the arid path directly in front of him. Summary: France is making lunch while Canada & America play Jenga. France x Denmark 9. Would you survive in Hetalia? Tags. - America lost the Revolutionary War, he was taken by England, who tortured him to no end. One day, Canada mysteriously goes missing without a trace. One was known as Canada, the other, America, How does she have psychic abilities? Just as he is ignored by most countries, his history is left out of most Hetalian tales. Both where pale, white. France x Belgium 5. Finding Canada Hetalia Fanfiction Fanfiction. Is this one of those “magical Native American” tropes, because that is pretty gross. The other countries decided to help save America from his personalized hell. Hockey!Canada/America America disses hockey in front of Canada. Matthew Williams, otherwise known as Canada, is a country that most ignore, often without trying to. I Am Canada (A Hetalia Fanfic) Fanfiction. France x Austria 3. Browse through and read hetalia fanfiction stories and books ... Anime/Manga Romance Hetalia America Canada France ... Normal, neko, 2p's, yandere, anything is welcome and the shots will be done ASAP once requested. Tags. With the United Nations in a frenzy and the Axis power looking too to bottom for him, no one knows where he could have gone. France x Cuba 8. France x America 2. France x Belarus 4. All possible Hetalia Pairings. Include ? France x Canada 6.France x China 7. Notes: Please excuse the failness, I haven't really written anything in a while and this is my first posted attempt at Hetalia fanfiction. Admit it, if you're a REAL Hetalia fan, you've wished you could visit or even live in the Hetalia world at least once. No Archive Warnings Apply (8361) Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; America/England (Hetalia) America (Hetalia) England (Hetalia) France (Hetalia) Canada (Hetalia) Prussia (Hetalia) Canada turns to Hockey!Canada and teaches America a lesson to never diss hockey. The citizens of America are left with a choice. Teen And Up Audiences (5893) General Audiences (4111) Mature (2501) Explicit (1933) Not Rated (1185) Include Warnings . Kitchen accidents lead to family fun. These are all the hetalia pairings that would make sense in any way (meaning they have history with each other, in the slightest way) 1. Hetalia: America and Native America OC, Rated T. America was enjoying his summer playtime by dirt biking through the Sonoran Desert. Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Canada (Hetalia) England (Hetalia) France (Hetalia) America (Hetalia) Germany (Hetalia) Prussia (Hetalia) Canadian Provinces - Character Include Ratings . Browse through and read hetalia fanfiction stories and books. Bonus: -A hockey stick is used in the process <3333 - RUSSIA/LITHUANIA: BOOT LICKING Once upon a time probably in this comm, now that I think about it, I read a really short Russia/Liet with boot licking. Part two of "Losing the Revolutionary."

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