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If you are looking for a new opportunity to make some side income, then this guide is for you. Diamond Bank Transfer Code – Get to know the USSD code you can use in carrying out any transaction as a Diamond bank customer. This works for all networks; MTN, AIRTEL, GLO & 9MOBILE. Diamond Bank Balance Enquiry – *710*556*PIN#, Want to recharge airtime to your phone? What you’ll need to do is to dial; *710*555*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN# Airtime Purchase – *710*555*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN# Code To Transfer Money From Diamond Bank To Another Bank How to Buy Airtime from Diamond Bank Account with your Phone – Airtime Purchase (Self) -*426*amount# – Airtime Purchase (Third Party)-*426*Amount*Phone Number# How to Check Diamond Bank Account Number To be revealed soon. Below are broken down codes on how to carry out different transactions on your diamond account. To recharge your line through this method Dial *710*555*PHONE-NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN# E.g., dial *710*555*08120000000*1000*0000# to load ₦1000 airtime through your diamond account. ... HOW TO TRANSFER MONEY USING DIAMOND BANK USSD CODE: 1. Porting phone number is a facility made available to telecom users Nationwide, this is to give more power to consumers of... Airtel family and friends is a special tariff from Airtel Nigeria that allows subscribers to enjoy cheaper call rates to 5 numbers... Airtel Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the best leading global telecommunications companies in Nigeria. Follow the steps below to carry out 3rd party recharge. Above are the codes to check diamond bank account balance and transfer money. Sob! Are you a new or old customer of the Diamond bank? How To Register on *426# 7. Airtime purchase for yourself and others. The benefit of using the GTBank code to buy airtime is that it is quick to use and available 24/7, the money is deducted directly from you bank account. Another way you can recharge your line through Diamond Bank airtime recharge code. I’ll be teaching you today, how to recharge airtime with diamond bank and most importantly diamond bank transfer code. Please feel free to ask us and we will get back in touch as fast as possible. Debit Card Request Code With *426# Funds Transfer Code With *426# 10. Diamond bank transfer code is *426#. How to transfer Money from Diamond bank to another Bank in Nigeria. You’d need memorize the short code only. Is if you are Diamond Y’ello account holders only. Try 85kobo today, a leading bulk sms company in Nigeria and you’ll forever be grateful. Diamond Bank USSD Money Transfer Code Here’s how to transfer money from Diamond bank to another bank, follow the steps below; For Diamond Bank Y’ello account to other banks Dial *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin# e.g *710*777*08030000000*10000*0000# to transfer N10,000 to another bank. What you’ll need to do is to dial; *710*555*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#, Airtime Purchase – *710*555*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); AIRTEL DATA PLAN The latter combination is an example of money transfer to the other banks accounts. Airtel is undoubtedly one of the best leading global telecommunications companies in Nigeria. Want to make a very quick transfer and banks will be closing in 3 minutes. That is all! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We discuss this in two (2) ways which is transfer of fund to other Diamond Bank user and to other bank users. Benefits Of Diamond Bank USSD Codes (*426#) 5. You can do this the easiest way by purchasing airtime directly from your diamond bank. Zenith Bank USSD Money Transfer Code. Dial *426# on your registered phone number with Diamond Bank. Diamond airtime recharge code, how to airtime/credit recharge card from your Diamond Bank account { Mtn, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat} Diamond bank USSD Code 2. Airtime Purchase Code With *426# 9. If you need information on how to share data on... Airtel family and friends is a special tariff from Airtel Nigeria that... Airtel Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the best leading global telecommunications... Airtel Night Plan This service is available 24/7 and the maximum transfer limit is N20,000. Code To Buy Airtime From Diamond Bank. To create a bank account simply dial *966*0# and follow the onscreen prompts. Bank to Bank Transfers – *710*777*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN# The USSD code to buy airtime from your Diamond bank account is 937amount#. Dial *426*Amount# – To Purchase Airtime (self), Dial *426*Amount*Account Number# – To Transfer Money (Within & Outside DB), Dial *426*Amount*Phone Number# – To Purchase Airtime (For Friends and Family), Dial *426*463# – To subscribe to C.R.E.A.M. The money will be debited directly from the Access Account connected to the phone number used. To do either of these, kindly dial *426*Amount*Account Number#, select the bank and confirm the transaction with your PIN. The Diamond bank general money transfer code is *710*Amount*Account Number# and is no longer *426*Amount*Account Number# So to transfer money from Diamond Y’ello Account to another Diamond Y’ello Account in Nigeria, simply Dial *710*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen instruction. Should in case you have any question? Check out this post on Cardless Withdrawal Codes For Nigerian Banks And Procedures. The diamond bank recharge codes and that of transfer is similar. 3. These diamond bank transfer codes lets users load airtime, transfer money to friends & family from their phone’s dialer. Zenith Bank - USSD Money Transfer Code *966# • Zenith Bank’s *966# mobile banking allows you to open an account, check balance, load airtime or transfer money to another account. The transfer code can only be used when you want to send money to the same bank on probably another bank be it First Bank, Guarantee Trust Bank, Wema Bank, FCMB and a few others. The Mobile Banking has developed to its best in the entire universe, making the inter-banking system more fascinating. It is very easy. You can also change your pin via mobile transfers. Diamond Bank is one of the most popular banks in Nigeria and it has lots of customers nationwide. From the prompt, select option 2 for transfer. What you’ll need to know is the special Diamond Bank code. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); What you’ll need to do is to use the USSD code below and you’re fine to go! Want to recharge airtime to your phone? For example, dial 937 500# to buy airtime. Features Of Diamond Bank USSD Codes (*426#) 4. The maximum airtime recharge per day is N3,000 (Three thousand naira). Complete transfer with your diamond bank transaction PIN. How To Transfer Funds. Transfer money to another account. Completely Surround Themselves To Death At This Time Look, This Seems To Be Surrounded By Everything After A Vcp Certification Few Words, Liu... She Would Return Tonight Shen Xin Ignored Li Yantang And Continued Running Inside, Li Yantang Grabbed Her And Pulled Her Back You Are... S Normal, And It S Hard To Tell If Dahan Succeeded I M Going To Kill You The Big Man Snarled And Rushed... Airtel family and friends is a special tariff from. Diamond bank code to check account balance and a few other queries not listed here. This diamond transfer code is the bank’s mobile banking, where you can complete all transactions via USSD code. The service attracts ₦20 charge. Cry no more as Diamond bank has gotten about a new innovation where you could easily transfer money from diamond bank to another bank without leaving the comfort of your home.

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