Summer in walking form, can you complete 10,000 steps from Monday to Sunday?

But that does not mean that we only move from towel to water and water to the beach bar: maintaining an active lifestyle, also on vacation, can help us stay healthier and not reach the return of the holidays with those extra kilos that often accompany us.

For our challenge this week we are looking for something simple, that we can carry out anywhere and that is accessible to all, and what better than walking? If you are one of those who spend the holidays in a horizontal position, we encourage you to put the batteries this week and complete the challenge of adding 10,000 steps from Monday to Sunday.

As always, we remind you that you can follow our challenges on our Instagram profile, where we will be sharing posts with ideas to move more these days. In addition, you can share your achievements with the hashtag, with which all related publications are marked.

A few ideas to reach 10,000 daily steps

  • Of course, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in a place with a beach, the daily walk through the sand is a must. Walking the beach from end to end with your feet in the water is one of the great pleasures of summer.
  • The tourist runner is also on the agenda: you can organize yourself your own route visiting the main monuments of the city you’re visiting coup shoe, or you can find one of the many companies engaged in organizing tours running. A different way to know a city.
  • The children, of course, are also on vacation, and play with them or engage in activities that involve physical activity is a joy from which we can enjoy more in summer.
  • If you are spending holidays in the mountains, a hiking trail is also a good option to keep us active these days. The freshness and shade provided by the trees are ideal to escape the heat and will keep you in touch with nature.
  • Summer is ideal to devote more time to our pets: lengthening the walk of the last hour of the day taking advantage of the green areas that are close to our house will allow us to add steps and share quality time with our dogs.

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