swgoh first order stormtrooper mods

Facts. Kylo Ren Unmasked and First Order SF TIE Pilot were first announced by Gaming-fans.com & our fellow GameChangers program members in November 2017, but a lot has changed in SWGoH since then, including the announcement that KRU was required at Relic 7 to compete for the new Galactic Legend Kylo Ren. First Galactic Empire 3 years ago I'm surprised that, given it appears people are starting to run Thrawn + Shore + Death + Storm + flexible fifth, Tarkin didn't make the top 25. Kill order should be First Order Executioner, First Order Stormtrooper, First Order Officer, Kylo Ren, Kylo Ren (Unmasked). To maximize his attack, you'll need him to be stealthed and a lot of status effects on your target. He also sees a 15.58% Physical Critical Chance increase and a 6.75% Health Steal boost. Then, if it was a First Order ally, grant them Advantage for 2 turns. Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH First Order Executioner: I originally tested out 3 sets of Critical Chance mods with high Health and Speed secondaries, but a combination of CC and Health mods will work just as effectively. Power 30840; Speed 136; Health 43,202 Whenever First Order Stormtrooper uses any Ability he has a 50% chance to call a random ally to Assist, dealing 50% damage unless they are First Order. TOPICS: Han Solo Mods 2.0 Rebel Stormtrooper Han swgoh mods tank taunt Territory Wars turn meter turn meter reduction Posted By: PsychoPoet June 17, 2017 Today I’ll be looking at mods for Stormtrooper Han, for a long time, the only iteration of Han Solo available in the game. Please list the mod sets you recommend and the primary stats for arrow, triangle and the plus. While First Order Stormtrooper is an excellent tank on a First Order team, the stat increases from his Relic are overall disappointing. I don't have the Stormtrooper zeta yet either, as like most I'm stuck constantly chasing … First Order tank that uses Advantage to disrupt enemies. First Order Stormtrooper has +65% Counter Chance. First Order Officer 7* Hoth Rebel Scout 7* Cassian's U-wing 7* + SSC; Guild Store: Rex 7* Logray 7* Dengar 7* Sun Fac 7* Jawa Engineer 7* Colonel Starck 7* FO SF TP 7* Squad Arena Store: Stormtrooper Han 7* Grand Moff Tarkin 7* Princess Leia 7* Cassian Andor 7* Asajj Ventress 7* Chief Nebit 7* Nute Gunray 7* Admiral Ackbar 7* HK-47 7* In this case, what would be them best mods for the last three of them? The rework of the entire First Order quickly turned the faction into a relevant one in the game and we expect to see more First Order characters added in SWGoH around the premier of Episode VIII: The … Originally one of the weakest characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the First Order Stormtrooper got a rework in early 2017 which made him much more durable and added a Zeta Ability. Therefore, you'll want to use Geonosian Spy's Silent Strike to one-shot enemies. Also surprised that Kylo Ren is … On the offensive side First Order Stormtrooper gains a below average Physical Damage increase of 1,535. General Hux Lead Synergy: First Order Synergy: Advantage • First Order Basic attacks of First Order allies deal 50% more damage. First Order Stormtrooper. Let’s take a look at the best mods for KRU below. I was thinking a lot of survivability for trooper, and some damage for pilot, but I'm not sure about the rest. If all allies are First Order at the start of battle, General Hux gains Dominance at the start of each encounter and at the start of each of his turns if he didn't already have it. Thanks for any help, it is very much appreciated. Joined Nov 12, 2016 SinLobo User # 32754; Arena Rank 593; Level 85; Ally Code 428-817-923 . FO was one of my first teams I built and I've never bothered with the zeta on Masked Kylo, as he pretty much sits at full protection all the time with KRU's lead.

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