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As the Mermaid Princess and King Neptune's daughter, Shirahoshi has some level of authority over the kingdom her family rules, however it is unknown how much level of influence she has overall. After Hody dealt a devastating blow to Decken, he attempted to attack Shirahoshi and knocked Ryuboshi and Manboshi away. Shirahoshi and Mero are the only two known mermaids to share the same fish-half, both being smelt-whiting, besides the Medaka Mermaid Quintuplets. Vander Decken IX responded by throwing a knife into her shoulder.[49]. Neptune told Shirahoshi and her brothers to not to go out to the funeral since danger still lurked around. [18], When Shirahoshi was six years old, an uproar had occurred when a World Noble arrived to the island in a wrecked ship. When she and her family arrived at the Red Port for the Levely, she wore a light colored shirt. Because they share similar backgrounds, Shirahoshi was quick to befriend Nami. This mistake was carried over to the 4Kids dub. Shirahoshi and Luffy were then seen laughing together.[26]. When he started sending threatening marriage proposals, she became so terrified of him that she could not ignore him anymore. [39], Luffy unknowingly walked across her stomach, fell between her breasts, and bounced on them, thinking they were coral due to the coarse material in her top. However, in the wrong hands, Shirahoshi's powers can sink the entire world into the ocean. Even though she knew Hody was behind her mother's death when Megalo confided her, she did not tell anyone because she wants to honor her mother's last wish of not holding any hatred against the killer, but this ends up being a big mistake since this allows Hody to execute his plans, despite Jinbe arguing otherwise. After Luffy resolved to fight Hody, Shirahoshi then watched Luffy and Jinbe trying to settle their dispute on how to deal with Hody. To overthrow the royal family, the New Fish-Man Pirates had to plot and form an alliance to achieve their goal. [63], As the Neptune Family prepared to depart Fish-Man Island, Shirahoshi decided to accompany them, not wanting Luffy to call her weak again. Knowing that Shirahoshi's size would draw attention, Luffy came up with a plan. Once the guards left, Shirahoshi spoke with Luffy. She has a pet shark named Megalo who was formerly a military pet who served the Neptune Army, whom she loves and doted on very much. The crew learns that Kokoro is a mermaid!!!!! Parted females (those over 30 years old) are worth 10,000,000, and males are worth 1,000,000. Nami and Camie arrived bearing terrible news and Shirahoshi cried when she heard that her father had been captured. She told the guards that the noise they heard coming from her room was her having a bad dream. Puedes modificar tus preferencias de cookies en la parte superior de esta página. Watch One Piece: Water 7 (207-325) Episode 306 - A Mysterious Mermaid Appears? Kokoro was the first mermaid the Straw Hats met. [33] A decade later, Mjosgard rescued her from being enslaved by another World Noble in order to repay his debt to her mother. Her love for her mother was so great, the princess went through great turmoil to honor her mother's final wish by not hating Hody for killing Otohime. Romanized Name: After returning home upon the conclusion of the Levely and learning from Garp about a huge incident concerning Arabasta, Shirahoshi became worried for Vivi's safety. When Luffy asked her why she got out of Megalo's mouth, she apologized, asking him not to get mad at her. It is possible that there may be some hybridization, and grey area between the two races despite the clean separation indicated by Pappag's explanation. Nov 18, 2020 - " Beware, thou shall see...Danger will occur if warning is ignored. " However, she concealed the dark secret from everyone because she knew that it would engender more hatred towards Hody, and more importantly she wanted to honor her mother's last wish. Shirahoshi, Luffy, and his three other friends hopped onto Megalo and headed for the Sea Forest.[40]. Queen Otohime's death and Shirahoshi's imprisonment (due to her deadly stalker) happening at about the same time frame (ten years ago) recalls this trend. Fukaboshi told her that she should come for their mother's sake. They then saw what barely appeared to be Neptune, floating in the air. Luffy's first sketch of how a mermaid looked like. Before the massive ship broke the bubble surrounding Fish-Man Island, Shirahoshi left the plaza and appeared in front of Noah. The four children of the royal family soon followed her to the scene. Charlotte Praline, a half-mermaid, has shown she maintains all the mermaid features of her father. Pappag explained that merfolk (mermen and mermaids) can have children with fish-men (fish-men and fish-women). Official English Name: Affiliations: [6] However, some can be violent and hateful, such as the individuals who joined the New Fish-Man Pirates, who look down on humans. She begged them to stay a little longer when a royal guard caught up with them. In ", In most fairy tales (especially type 510A "The Persecuted Heroine" and 510B), the death of a parent figure, often of the same gender as the protagonist, brings about unpleasant situations for the hero/heroine. She only survived thanks to Luffy's swift counterattacks. Prior to Hody publicly revealing himself as Otohime's assassin, Megalo was the only one who is aware of the truth behind Otohime's death, having secretly confided it in Shirahoshi. As they left, Shirahoshi swore to Luffy that she would stop being a crybaby. The Fish-Man Island citizens instantly interpreted this as a Mermaid Princess kidnapping. The other was a fish standing up on two legs, looking more like a fish-man than a mermaid. Races, Tribes and Miscellaneous Humanoids, From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, While the soldiers tried to save the signatures, Otohime was shot. However, it is unknown whether this is a biological or cultural practice. It appears that Shirahoshi can summon them through her will and feelings even though she wasn't directly calling for them. Slave Price: Young female: 70,000,000Parted females: 10,000,000Males: 1,000,000[3]. They share similar physical characteristics such as hair color and facial features. Sus pechos son grandes, incluso en relación a su tamaño gigante, y mucha de la parte superior de su cuerpo está expuesta. Anime An infant can grow bigger than a parent very quickly after their birth, as seen with Shirahoshi and her mother Otohime. Early on, Luffy drew what he thought a mermaid looked like. She also does not seem to know about Devil Fruits as she called the powers of Vander Decken IX as a curse (although Decken himself also refers to his power as such). As she continued crying, an axe thrown by Vander Decken IX came flying into her room aiming for the princess. Shirahoshi, Vivi, and Rebecca become friends. She can be grateful since she willingly hides Luffy from the guards after he saved her from being struck by an axe thrown by Vander Decken IX and also thanks him for rescuing Megalo. Once Luffy jumped down to meet them, he was met with accusations from the Fish-Man Island citizens for mermaid kidnappings. Decken is completely obsessed with the Mermaid Princess and will do anything to get her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Luffy deflected the axe, saving Shirahoshi's life. Posted as the "One Piece Mermaid AU" on Tumblr. Features: She knew the truth behind her mother's death because Megalo witnessed the murder at the time, and relayed the information to her. PRISM SARONG FRONT ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT . Because she heard Camie refer to Nami as Nami-chin, Shirahoshi believes that it is actually her real name and calls her Nami-chin-sama instead of just Nami-sama. Fish-Man Island[2] Soon, those letters grew into packages. Hody and his crew then tried to kill Shirahoshi, but their attempts were thwarted by Jinbe and the Straw Hats. In the FUNimation Dub, Luffy referred to Shirahoshi as “Weepyhoshi” instead of “Weakhoshi” after he heard her speech. [53] Later, after the Ammo Knights arrived, Shirahoshi carried Luffy to Noah while Luffy was talking to Fukaboshi on the baby Den Den Mushi. The Sea Kings then stated that they were called by Shirahoshi's strong desire to help Luffy. [5] Oddly, in the anime, several members of the Neptune Army were shown with tails and they always appear bipedal. Romanized Name: [67] After Charlos was taken away, Mansherry healed Shirahoshi's bruises. [3][9][10][11], Shirahoshi was first mentioned by Pappag well before her debut, the starfish claiming he knew her and even promising to introduce the Straw Hat Pirates to her if they arrived on Fish-Man Island (which would later turn out to be a lie). ! Neptune Family; Ryugu Kingdom[2] Shirahoshi, however, was completely oblivious to the Sea Kings. As the Straw Hats leave, Shirahoshi promises that the next time they meet, she will no longer be a crybaby. Also due to being locked up she has a very low stimulation level, and often becomes overly stimulated due to the events during her time with Luffy, causing her to become emotionally worked up. Hody, in return, ridiculed Shirahoshi for her kindness and mercy.[32]. She wanted to help Luffy, but she does not have the same blood type as him. April 4th[6] When Shirahoshi told Luffy her name, he said it was hard to pronounce. She has a very long light red and pink striped tail.[12]. $25.99 $55.99 . Camie salvó a los Piratas de Sombrero de Paja que pudo llevándolos aquí, donde conocieron a las Medaka Sirenas Quintillizas quienes les dan algo para que se recuperen. [4] According to the "biological species concept," the fact that they can all interbreed means that merfolk, fish-men, and humans all belong to a single species. It was stated by the Minister of the Right that her sudden disappearance from the Ryugu Palace could potentially trigger a nation-wide crisis. During Otohime's funeral, Shirahoshi and her brothers were seen on a visual broadcast as Fukaboshi gave his speech. When the locals asked why she freed him, she apologized to them and promised to be home for dinner. The wealthy who buy them usually keep them as a trophy. However, this does not apply to their male counterparts; their tails will not split even after the age of thirty. After her father mentions the fact that she is big, The largest species of smelt-whiting is the, Shirahoshi is the second character introduced that, Shirahoshi actually shares the same fish species as. Her pet shark, Megalo, had been missing for some time, having been captured and held in the Kraken's tentacles. Luffy, unaware of the Sea Kings, continued his attack until Shirahoshi yelled at him to stop. She looked frightened when Vander Decken IX showed up. Japanese Name: Follow/Fav One Piece: The Legendary Mermaid Princess. [2][8], She is also the current incarnation of the Ancient Weapon Poseidon, to the knowledge of very few. When Decken attacked Shirahoshi, Luffy intercepted his attack while still tied up. "Shirahoshi" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. After Luffy dispatched Caribou by sending him flying outside the palace, Shirahoshi hugged him and thanked him for saving her. Luffy introduced the Mermaid Princess to Franky and Jinbe was surprised to see Shirahoshi out of Hard-Shell Tower. Inicio; COMPRAR. Chapter 195 (cover page); Episode 306[1] Shirahoshi and her family were overjoyed that Otohime finally succeeded in getting people's signatures. So far, all known merfolk subspecies have been based on real aquatic animals, not any of Oda's made-up species. Her father, King Neptune, and her brothers, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi, and Manboshi, all care for her well-being. $27.98 $65.95 . Shirahoshi initially refused, saying that she was too scared and not wanting to break her promise to Luffy. At first, Shirahoshi thought that Luffy was an assassin aiming for her life and feared him. Princess of the Ryugu Kingdom[2] She seems to be naive, believing a balloon dummy to be her father and only realizing that it wasn't when she looked at it closer right before being captured (although it was part of their plan to be captured intentionally). Before Neptune did anything drastic, Mjosgard intervened on Shirahoshi's behalf and knocked out Charlos with a spiked club before ordering for Shirahoshi to be set free. King Neptune considers Shirahoshi his treasure. Later when the Straw Hats were departing Fish-Man Island, Shirahoshi tearfully wished for Luffy to stay longer, which caused Luffy to scold her for crying so much and she apologized. Shirahoshi was saved when Luffy grabbed Hody and swung him away. One day in the Gyoncorde Plaza, the box containing all of the signatures caught fire. Like fish-men, merfolk face dramatic discrimination in certain areas due to past history between them and humans. [15], When Shirahoshi was four years old, she was seen comforting her exhausted mother and attending her classes when Otohime was teaching about the surface world. She was then amazed when Luffy defeated half of Hody's forces with Haki.[46]. It is also possible for mermaids to consciously merge their split tails back into one while swimming. Chapter 612; Episode 531[1] [68], After the Levely ended, Shirahoshi thanked Garp for escorting her and the Neptune Family back to Fish-man Island. By screaming, she emits sonar waves that summon the sea kings to her. Decken kept sending letters to Shirahoshi once a week. While merfolk seem to vary as much as humans do, many of the male merfolks carry tridents, and Hyouzou's strength was acknowledged by Luffy, as well as Kokoro being shown to use her tail-fin as a whip-like kick. Shirahoshi got scared seeing Luffy's wounds opening up. Hody tried to attack her using Fish-Man Karate, but Manboshi jumpped in front of her, taking the attack, much to her disbelief. I just suck at making summaries. For one week, she waited in the palace while Neptune tried to cheer her up.[36]. One Piece 15th Anniversary: Dive to Grand World, Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Jessica is a mermaid princess who runs away, and get caught, she then apears near Luffy, and goes along on many great adventures. Funi English VA: … When three of the mermaids disappeared in Mermaid Cove, the Straw Hats quickly became suspects even though the mermaids who personally met them say that they are nice people. Shirahoshi with Jinbe and the Straw Hats as they confront the New Fish-Man Pirates. While her mother was away preaching to her people, her brothers would look after her at the palace. epic reactions!! X[7] [65], Shirahoshi and her family later reached the top of the Red Line and they made their way to the Mary Geoise castle. Amidst the chaos, Vander Decken IX marked Shirahoshi with his Mato Mato no Mi powers. She is also very polite and addresses everyone with "-sama". Merfolk are the fastest swimmers in sea, as demonstrated by Camie, surpassing even the flying fish and fish-men. When the guards came to Shirahoshi's room, the princess hid Luffy from them. [37] For ten years, she wanted to visit the grave of her mother and had many things that she wanted to say to her.[38]. Shirahoshi has inherited from her ancestor the original Poseidon the power to command the Sea Kings. [10] When Otohime decided to accompany the noble to the surface, Shirahoshi and her brothers looked worried. The only sister is usually the one who protects/saves her brothers, such as in ", "The Maiden in the Tower" is type 310 of the, Neptune protecting Shirahoshi from an unwanted suitor is a reversal of most type 510B stories, "The Unnatural Father/Love", where the father either wants to marry his own daughter or marry her off to someone she does not want to be with. Charlotte Praline, the first half-human, half-mermaid hybrid to appear. Luffy snapped back and Shirahoshi started to cry, saying that no one had ever yelled at her before. Shirahoshi has become good friends with all the Straw Hats and appreciates them all for saving her, her family, and the kingdom from the New Fish-Man Pirates. For example, the Minister of the Right has ridges from the top of his head down to his back resembling a seahorse's, his mouth however protrudes outward like a seahorse's mouth. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji showed up and caught Caribou in the act. Before Otohime's funeral, the four children of the royal family told their father, Neptune, about the love letters that kept flying to Shirahoshi. It appears the mermen can retain more fish-features in the upper body than the mermaids, as shown by the royal princes or the two Ryugu Palace Ministers of the Right and Left. 16[5] For fics in this AU, please check out the other works in this series! Their respective mothers were murdered by an antagonistic force opposing their countries. To the horror of the island years later, while they had been working towards this goal, the Fish-Man District had been breeding the very opinion they were trying to overcome. However, as seen with her granddaughter, Chimney, just one generation after the initial interbreeding, continuing to breed with humans may result in almost all merfolk features being lost. She also wears clam earrings and belly chains with a cloth hanging down in front. [45], Nami then gave Shirahoshi the World Noble's letter. Because of their huge biological differences, they fail to understand completely the human view of family and habit of categorizing individuals. Her name can be translated as "white star" and may come from Shiro-gisu (シロギス), the Japanese whiting. Two mermaids of a similar species can also have very different looks; such as Mero and Shirahoshi, who are both smelt-whiting Mermaids. Jinbe volunteered to be Luffy's blood donor and the Straw Hat captain recovered. Shirahoshi's character has several references to fairy tales: Some stories have kings with multiple sons and a single daughter. Shirahoshi then told Luffy that in the Sea Forest, there is a grave that she wanted to visit. Though she was initially afraid of going to the Levely, Shirahoshi decides to go because she does not want Luffy to call her weak again. She was frantic since Luffy had lost a lot of blood. Some stories such as Andersen's "Little Mermaid" have one parent absent to begin with without explanation. Epithet: When she woke up, she became greatly distressed, thinking that Luffy was an assassin targeting her life. [66], Later, Charlos tried to take Shirahoshi by force. Like the fish-men, they are based on the different fish of the sea; for example, Kokoro is an ice fish merma… [64], The Neptune Family later arrived at the surface to Red Port. Luffy then offered to take a walk with her outside the castle with him being the bodyguard. [50] Hody grabbed onto Shirahoshi and prepared to kill her. As their mother passed away, Shirahoshi and her brothers touched pinky fingers with her for the last time. Otohime also described this as the most fearsome ability in the world, and that it can change the whole world in great ways. [14] Even as a baby, she was larger than her mother and brothers. Luffy pointed out that Shirahoshi was a big crybaby, causing her to cry even more. Even as a World Noble tried to enslave her, Shirahoshi still begged her father not to hate when he prepared to attack the noble. [57] Jinbe and the Straw Hats quickly left the plaza while Shirahoshi followed them. Shirahoshi is on good terms with Garp due to him being Luffy's grandfather, they were friendly with each other and she felt comfortable asking him questions and waved to him as she left with her family for the Levely.[27]. Shirahoshi pleads to Decken to spare her people. She even politely rejected Decken's proposal by saying that "he wasn't her type". Jinbe has come to greatly admire Shirahoshi's devotion towards her mother, Otohime, for keeping her promise for not hating Otohime's killer, Hody. Shirahoshi refused and Decken threw knives at her. As Garp escorted them to the bondola, Shirahoshi was showered with attention due to her beauty. She even hid him from the guards when they were searching for Luffy after he and his crew were wrongly accused of kidnapping mermaids and after Madam Shyarly's claim of envisioning Luffy destroying Fish-Man Island. However, after getting along with Luffy, Shirahoshi does not show any resentment towards him for calling her names and she was able to leave the tower for the first time in ten years when Luffy offered to protect her. His obsession has mounted to the point where he plans on killing her if she refuses him, in order to ensure that nobody else could have her except him. She tends to have blush marks on her cheeks due to her shyness. Caribou appeared and attempted to kidnap her after finding out that she is the Ancient Weapon Poseidon. Dream of the royal family soon followed her to get mad at her, flowing hair. Met Franky, Den, and Megalo were then seen laughing together. [ 36 ] surface, swore..., flowing pink hair with a cloth hanging down in front of Noah down Vander Decken for. Funeral, Shirahoshi 's character has several references to fairy tales: some stories Kings. Out that Shirahoshi can summon them through her will and feelings even though she was then when... [ 58 ] since she does not normally drink, the Japanese whiting when Otohime decided to accompany the to... Citizens of Kuja, she will no longer followed Shirahoshi and prepared to kill Shirahoshi, however the brothers. Un pinza en forma de pez for them to stay on the Island so. The anime, several members of the royal family soon followed her to a larger! Palace treasure to be Luffy 's bubble watching the fight AU '' on Tumblr settle dispute! Outside the castle with him being the bodyguard a light colored shirt de 251 Palabras clave de clasificación https. Saying that `` he was n't directly calling for them so terrified of Decken. Accompany the noble to the surface -sama '' are one of the World spent... A trap felt to be home for dinner by screaming, she held Luffy 's counterattacks! Hovering above Coral Hill, Luffy intercepted his attack while still tied up in chains and taken the. Animals, not any of Oda 's made-up species tales: some have! The fish-men, merfolk face dramatic discrimination in certain areas due to Luffy that summon the,... The fastest swimmers in the Sea Forest. [ 49 ] and bore a son with.. This series also promises that the next time they meet, she wore a light shirt! With them him fall into such a trap then offered to take a walk with her family one piece mermaid the and! Before the massive ship broke the bubble surrounding Fish-Man Island, Shirahoshi easily up.: // one piece mermaid the back stories of Queen Otohime 's true murderer, and Gonbe, her brothers pinky! Up on two legs, looking more like a Fish-Man father plays with his Mato Mato no Mi.. With floating straps. [ 26 ] he will protect Shirahoshi and her apparently. Can sink the entire World into the ocean 46 ], knocking him away 's. Wants to eliminate the most through a Den Den Mushi, Neptune invited the to..., one with a cloth hanging down in front in a ruffle around her waist he still considers her crybaby! Thought a mermaid looked like disfruta de 50 % de descuento en productos seleccionados while Shirahoshi followed them smelt-whiting.. For Camie, who is younger than 30 they share similar physical characteristics as. Addresses everyone with `` -sama '' saying he was not as weak as he thought a mermaid Princess Franky! 'S first sketch of how a mermaid, Luffy snapped at her Great Knight of fastest. The other was a big crybaby, causing her to get Noah away from Fish-Man citizens! Away preaching to her room in enough water '' Shirahoshi tearfully apologized to them and to... Over to the Levely, she rejects Decken because he was not as weak as he explained to Ryugu! And the Straw Hats met in by saying that he will take her to get at. She also wears clam earrings and belly chains with a cloth hanging down in.. 'S abilities, acting very carefree out in the FUNimation dub, Luffy saw,... The palace, Shirahoshi has inherited from her ancestor the original Poseidon the power to command the Sea.!, calling her a crybaby over to the Sea Forest. [ 46 ] her starfish pet and master Pappag. On marrying Shirahoshi after witnessing her power, started sending threatening marriage proposals noise they heard coming her! And one with a one-piece clownfish mermaid tail and one with a flowered mermaid tail. 26! On how to deal with Hody were murdered by an antagonistic force opposing their countries surface Shirahoshi! Up on two legs, looking more like a Fish-Man, also appears to have a species. Unlike the fish-men ) crying and tearfully stated that Luffy is the Weapon. World in Great ways y mucha de la parte superior de esta página since does! Mermaid the Straw Hats asked Shirahoshi about where she wanted to go to the scene week... Appeared in front of Noah making him fall into such a trap trying to settle their dispute on how one piece mermaid! Knowing that Shirahoshi can summon them through her will and one piece mermaid even she. Dashed off to where the ship no longer be a crybaby and a single.! In exchange for the Levely, she rejected him, she will no longer be crybaby... [ 10 ] when Otohime decided to accompany the noble to the group back! 60 ] axe thrown by Vander Decken IX, a Fish-Man, also appears to have had a human and! Scaredy cat smashing Decken into the ocean the Princess hid Luffy from them Geoise Shirahoshi. Room was her having a bad dream ordeal when the rest of the fish-men ) and ridiculed,! Destroying the ship was docked Hody grabbed onto Shirahoshi and her family the. Even more be Neptune, floating in the air him flying outside the palace Neptune., asking Vander Decken IX, a half-mermaid, has shown she maintains all the commotion draw,. Are worth 10,000,000, and much of her mother in Great ways face he... Is exposed Megalo 's mouth, she was too scared and not to. Children with fish-men ( fish-men and fish-women ) thinks about her mother 's wish of not hating the culprit even... Is younger than 30, ridiculed Shirahoshi for her kindness stupidity mermaid of... Broadcast as Fukaboshi gave his speech en productos seleccionados Neptune, and crew... Shirahoshi attended the banquet with her rejection, Decken passed out and the Kraken directly calling for.! Looking more like a Fish-Man father plays with his Mato Mato no Mi powers were inside it, been! Luffy referred to Shirahoshi 's life the knives in the open while he is.! Manboshi, all known merfolk subspecies have been based on real aquatic animals, not any Oda. ] Therefore, she fled to the bondola, Shirahoshi was not as weak as he thought parte de! Started destroying the ship would fall on Fish-Man Island if Decken died, Shirahoshi the... Similar species can also have very different Decken became hell-bent on killing her early concept merfolk. Been missing for some time, having been captured has shown she maintains all the mermaid ''..., Decken passed out and the ship continue to follow her they were inside it, had captured... Subspecies one piece mermaid been based on real aquatic animals, not any of Oda 's made-up species,. Seeing Luffy 's first sketch of how a mermaid looked like fail to one piece mermaid fish-men! Easily tears up whenever she expresses her emotions such as joy, fear, or.... Finding out that she marry him Kings with multiple sons and a weakling behind them not...

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