inhaled oven cleaner while pregnant

This article is for information only. any advice would be great Thanks so much - and Happy Mothers to be Day x x x Many oven cleaners give off a lot of fumes from the strong chemicals they contain. Hi Ladies This mightseem a silly questions but i have just sprayed my oven with Mr Muscle oven cleaner then had an awful thought - does anybody know if ths is safe to use?? after cleaning all day with exit mould and oven cleaner which was inhaled i now have severe head ache and feel nauseous and light headed, do i need to? I am embarassed to say that I haven't cleaned it in almost 2 years. I am 32 weeks pregnant and cleaned the oven using an oven cleaner product. My oven is really gross and lets off some nasty fumes whenever I bake something in there. […] To be on the safe side, wear gloves and avoid breathing in fumes from products such as oven and tile cleaners. Cleaning the Oven While Preggers: Hi ladies. Using aerosol cleaning products. To clean your oven, go all-natural with a safe dish detergent and water. Many oven cleaners give off a lot of fumes from the strong chemicals they contain. If you're pregnant and working with solvents, read labels carefully and avoid toxic products (such as some oven cleaners). Is it safe to clean the oven while pregnant? Inhaling gas fumes while pregnant. Oven cleaners: Just don’t do it. These release chemicals into the air in a fine mist, which you’re more likely to breathe in. Paint. I purchased some 'Easy Off Fume Free' cleaner. Now, my husband said the cleaning is done, but the air in the kitchen still has a bit of an odor, even though those windows are open. i Really starting to panic now!!! So how come they are so toxic and yet easily acquirable? Inhaling oven cleaning fumes after cleaning has been known as quite dangerous, resulting in painful cough and sore throat. DO NOT use it to treat or manage an actual poison exposure. Many of our everyday cleaning products are pumped with unnatural and inorganic chemicals that aren’t the greatest things to be touching or inhaling on a regular basis, pregnant or not. Bad timing on my part (23 weeks pregnant now). Oven cleaners contain some of the harshest chemicals overall, so it’s best to not even purchase. Reading the sticker you might find that ingesting them is lethal. ... Inhaling gas while pregnant. These release chemicals into the air in a fine mist, which you're more likely to breathe in. Will this cause harm to my baby? Clorox: Bleach can be overpowering for many people let alone the pregnant body susceptible fainting or dizzy spells. While cleaning in itself is daunting enough, it becomes almost insulting when this mundane task actually starts threatening your health. Products that never bothered you before could cause contact dermatitis — and turn your skin into an itchy, irritated, inflamed mess. Most paint fumes are safe while you’re pregnant, but there is a slightly increased risk if you use solvent-based paints or strip old … During pregnancy, your skin is much more sensitive than usual. There’s a reason oven cleaners you can obtain around the counter are already infamous. Always make sure the room is well ventilated, and read the instructions and the warning labels carefully. Chlorine, detergents, bleach, added dyes and fragrances — stuff you’ll likely find in many of your cleaning supplies — are all potential culprits. Providing you follow the manufacturers instructions carefully there should be no problems regarding your pregnancy and using these types of products. While I was exposed, it was only direct for a few minutes, but then I squirreled away in a separate room with the windows open for about 45 minutes, before I decided to head out to Starbucks. Cleaning the oven. Cleaning the oven. Yikes! This article discusses the harmful effects from swallowing or breathing in an oven cleaner. Always make sure the room is well ventilated and read the instructions and the warning labels carefully. Using aerosol cleaning products. Inhale natural gas exhaust. Inhaling natural gas dangerous pregnant. I have now heard that this is very toxic?

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