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Jump to navigation Jump to search. The player may prepare a defence fleet and organize an offence fleet to challenge opposing players' defence fleets. Join Planet Minecraft! does anyone get 3 fubuki shirakami or marine houshou? Azur Lane Hololive Shirakami Fubuki Waifu Weatherproof Sticker 6" Car Decal. Games Movies TV Video. Yostar issued an apology, and called on players of Azur Lane to provide alternative terms for the game's personified warship characters. [49] Azur Lane Comic Anthology, a comic anthology series currently up to four volumes, is being published by Ichijinsha and sold on Amazon Japan. The rest of the game's main plot partially follows the United States naval engagements in the Pacific War. Nagishiro is the illustrator for Shirakami Fubuki, and has characters in other works like Kawakaze from Azur Lane, and Siu Lee from Nijisanji Korea.He also has been a guest lecturer for Shizuoka Prefecture's Renaissance Design Academy. Personifications of American destroyer USS Laffey (DD-459), British destroyer HMS Javelin and German destroyer Z23 (Chinese, English release) or Japanese destroyer Ayanami (Japanese, Korean release) are available for players to select as a starter ship. Join us! The Azur Lane shipgirls, including Enterprise, start a battle with Purifier to recover the Cube. [93], 2017 Chinese side-scrolling shoot 'em up video game, 【Gekisen】 Kodō no Nami, Kōtetsu no Tsubasa, 【Kihan】 Kizuna wo tsunagu, Kokoro wo shibaru. The map contains nodes, which are either combat nodes which are enemy fleets, some immobile and others that pursue the player, or non-combat nodes which provides ammunition or mystery nodes which can provide supplies such as repair kits, upgrade materials or can spawn a special combat node called a Treasure Fleet. [51] Azur Lane Comic à la Carte, another comic anthology, was published in October 2018. Crosswave features Azur Lane's characters battling against realistic warships and warplanes. [18] A series of characters based on proposed or unfinished World War II warships, including Neptune, Saint-Louis and Ibuki, were introduced as part of a collaboration with Wargaming, publisher of World of Warships. [6], The game features a player versus player mode. [6] XD Global published the South Korean version in March 2018. Murasaki Shion, Natsuiro Matsuri, Tokino Sora, Ookami Mio, Nakiri Ayame, Shirakami Fubuki, Minato Aqua azur lane collab always comes with countainers? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [89], Azur Lane's popularity was attributed to its gameplay and game system design which were widely praised. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . From Azur Lane Wiki. Players have an auto mode option to give up this control to the game's AI. [46][47], Azur Lane was adapted into several manga and novels. Crosswave's English localization was released on February 13, 2020 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Press J to jump to the feed. I feel that. In November 2019, Azur Lane collaborated with virtual YouTuber group Hololive Productions featuring seven of their talents - Tokino Sora, Shirakami Fubuki, ... More info Japanese ship-naming conventions Sustained low morale for a character decreases their stats and affection points. Destroyers, light cruisers, and heavy cruisers can be allotted to the front row, while the back row is reserved for battleships, aircraft cruiser, monitors, repair ships, battlecruisers and aircraft carriers. Kaga then has a dream where she recalls Amagi passing away and Observer tempting Akagi with the possibility of reviving her with Orochi. [41], A collaboration with Sunrise Inc. in May 2018 featured a crossover plotline with the anime Armored Trooper VOTOMS. manga was announced on December 24, 2019. Critics have attributed the game's popularity to its original and well-designed gameplay system. - Watch on Crunchyroll", "Hōsō Jōhō|Terebi Anime "Azūru Rēn Bisoku Zenshin!" Although she is shy and mostly calm, she likes to talk to people. Shanghai Yostar published the Japanese version in September that year. Chapters represent several decisive battles of the war including the Battle of Midway, the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, and the Mariana and Palau Islands campaign. Belfast and Cleveland encounter Takao and, Despite Laffey reaching out to Ayanami, Ayanami refuses her offer of friendship and flees. Add to cart . Release Month : Dec-2020. [90][91] Japanese writer, actor and radio personality Mafia Kajita was impressed by the tight shooter controls. 18. As Enterprise rejoins the battle, Zuikaku manages to snap Kaga back to her senses by headbutting her. They reassure her that every shipgirl's body is different, and she should be proud of her own. A Nintendo Switch port of the game was released in Japan on September 17, 2020, and is set to release on February 16, 2021 in North America and on February 19, 2021 in Europe. Azur Lane x DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation Collaboration Goes Live", "Boat Girls Become Manga Stars in "Azur Lane" 4-Koma", "『アズールレーン』初のコミックアンソロジーが発売―表紙には「エンタープライズ」と「三笠」が! | インサイド", "Azur Lane Warship Girl Game Gets TV Anime by Grisaia Director, Studio", "Azur Lane: Crosswave Adds Kongou And Mikasa To Its Roster Of Shipgirls", "Compile Heart reveals Azur Lane Crosswave for PlayStation 4 | RPG Site", "Azur Lane: Crosswave PS4 Game Slated for 2019", "Azur Lane Crosswave heading westward in 2020 for PlayStation 4 | RPG Site", "Azur Lane: Crosswave coming to Switch on September 17 in Japan", "Azur Lane: Crosswave for Switch coming west in 2021", "Azur Lane: Crosswave for Nintendo Switch Reveals Release Window for North America & Europe", "Azur Lane: Crosswave Western Release Dates for Nintendo Switch", "Azur Lane Anime Reveals Visual, October Premiere", "Azur Lane Anime's Episodes 11, 12 Delayed to March", "Funimation to Stream Azur Lane, No Guns Life Anime", "Funimation's Fall 2019 Lineup Ramps Up the Action! Zerochan has 1,115 Shirakami Fubuki anime images, wallpapers, HD wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, and many more in its gallery. [70][71] The opening theme song is "Longing for!" [67][68] The English dubbed version of Episodes 11 and 12 hasn't been released since after the final episode has been aired on March 20, and it wasn't until August and September 2020, respectively, that the dubbed versions was finally released. [7] As of June 2020[update], more than 450 characters have been introduced to the game, representing ships from nine countries that participated in the war. [81][82] In Japan, the game enjoyed an overwhelming surge in popularity after its release,[6] despite initial accusations by fans of Kantai Collection that it was a clone. [6] Famitsu liked how the game depended very little on luck, let players develop their own playstyle, and was easy to pick up and play due to few microtransaction elements. Both the Red Axis and Azur Lane fleets attack Orochi and the Siren fleet, agreeing to work together to fight their mutual foe. Fubuki is said to reside in the mountains near Fairy Forest and spends her days eating corn. Meanwhile, Akagi is seemingly reunited with Amagi in the afterlife, only to find Amagi has no face as she tells her "it's not over yet.". Tokens can be gained and the player's ranking can rise through victory in this mode. Enterprise then arrives in her berserk state and easily defeats Zuikaku and Shoukaku. Before they can come to an understanding, Ayanami's fellow destroyers take her away to safety while Belfast arrives to retrieve Javelin and Laffey. Jin Haganeya, writer for Demonbane, agreed to write the script for the game's anime adaptation. For the Sakura Empire ship, see Fubuki. 100% chance of getting commanders? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Enterprise forcibly transports her and Akagi back to the real world, where she seemingly kills Akagi with a single shot before returning to her senses. ... BGM used in the hololive x Azur Lane collab. See more ideas about anime, anime girl, art. Submarine and anti-submarine warfare systems were introduced in May 2018. [35], Yostar licensed the Japanese company GRSPER to create virtual reality wedding ceremonies with the game's characters in August 2018. Wikis. Akagi is apparently revived by Orochi, much to Kaga's relief. Furniture and decorations raise the rate experience is gained. Combined Shipping Discounts We do combine shipping and additional cost for combined shipping is zero.The total shipping cost is still flat $15 when you purchase 2 or more items. Luminous Box. Not as weird as oathing herself in the game, I thought she friendzone “herself”? [44], In November 2019, Azur Lane collaborated with virtual YouTuber group Hololive Production featuring seven of their talents - Tokino Sora, Shirakami Fubuki, Minato Aqua, Ookami Mio, Murasaki Shion, Nakiri Ayame and Natsuiro Matsuri as recruitable in-game characters. Information is taken from the ending credits of each episode. Jan 5, 2020 - Explore Nicholas Prachthauser's board "Shirakami Fubuki" on Pinterest. Azur Lane players may obtain characters based on ships from World of Warships through a new interface called "Development Dock", while World of Warships players may purchase Azur Lane characters as voiced captains, and skins for ships based on design elements of Azur Lane's namesake characters. All the while. [17], One particular difficulty was incorporating shoot 'em up elements, as there were no existing works to reference. RPG Site wrote the game "acts as an important lesson on how a Chinese-made title can gain popularity in Japan by offering originality in its gameplay". This long-awaited event was announced on the game's Facebook page on August 13. Kōshiki Saito", "FINAL UPDATE: Crunchyroll Announces Winter 2021 Anime Lineup! [92], Critics have also compared the game to Kantai Collection. Characters in their chibi forms may be put in the furnished Dormitory where they can walk around and sit, sleep, or bathe. Winners in a contest held in December 2017 were rewarded with cash and their designs featured on the game's loading screens. [29], A special program featuring voice actress Yui Ishikawa visiting the office of one of developers, Manjuu Ltd., in Shanghai was aired on the Japanese streaming television platform AbemaTV in May 2018. [86], The game scored within Japan's top five best games of 2017 in a Google Play user vote,[87] as well as a first place in the app section of the Dengeki Online Awards 2017. Observer then uses the Cube to fully activate Orochi. This included anti-submarine campaign maps, and characters based on German U-boats, and American and Japanese submarines. Additional rings can be purchased using in-game currency in the items shop, essentially allowing polygamy. Different combinations of ships are required to achieve victory in different battle situations. 14. The maid, revealed to be Belfast, delays the Red Axis forces long enough that the main Royal Navy forces which consisting of Queen Elizabeth, Akagi, Kaga, Shoukaku, Zuikaku, and Ayanami return to the Sakura Empire base, where they are greeted by, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Akashi are forced to hide on an abandoned island as the Sakura Empire and Iron Blood fleets form a blockade around it. Set in an alternate timeline of World War II, players engage in side-scrolling shooter gameplay, using female moe anthropomorphic characters based on warships from the war's major participants. Shirakami Fubuki/Gallery | Virtual YouTuber Wiki | Fandom. Fubuki is a fox spirit and is often confused as being a cat, of which she dislikes and such confusion annoys her. Players collect characters that are moe anthropomorphic interpretations of World War II warships ("shipgirls"), mainly from the United States Navy, Royal Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy and Kriegsmarine, with other ships from the French Navy (both Vichy and Free France flavors), Republic of China Navy, People's Liberation Army Navy, Regia Marina, Soviet Navy and Imperial Russian Navy being added later. Exclusive characters and other items can be obtained using tokens. [17], The developers sought to further differentiate the game by featuring characters based on preserved museum ships from earlier times, such as the pre-dreadnought battleship Mikasa of World War I, which was served as a flagship during the Russo-Japanese war, and the Russian protected cruiser Avrora, the ship famed for its October Revolution involvement. Fuel is one of the two in-game resources. An anime television series adaptation by Bibury Animation Studios was announced in 2018, and was aired from October 3, 2019 to March 20, 2020. pre order . [25][26] On May 20, 2019, the English version was formally released along with the rollout of the 2019 UI overhaul. ", "World of Warships X Azur Lane Collaboration", "Azur Lane announces a collaboration with Utawarerumono, which will be held in Japan in November 2018 | RPG Site", "Kizuna AI X Azur Lane Collaboration Gets A New Trailer Featuring The Super Virtual YouTuber", "Azur Lane Kicks-Off Virtual YouTuber Event With New Trailer", "Beach Volleyball Time! Various cat breeds can be obtained at a cattery. Players have voted the game among the top five on Google Play's Best Game of 2017 list for the region. Ships from United States. Low affection points lead the character to greet the player with vocals reflecting their disappointment. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Kōshiki Saito", "Anime AzurLane: Slow Ahead! performed by Emi Nitta, and the ending theme song is "Midday-Color Siesta" (まひるいろシエスタ, "Mahiru-iro Shiesuta") performed by Yui Sakakibara. They also shifted the focus on Japanese ships to those from other countries involved in World War II. However, the Siren Purifier attacks the base and steals the Black Mental Cube. They will also gain additional stat bonuses after being married.[13]. *Her sister watching from outside her room*, She also did this for an amazing gain of +3 reload, The will of a whale is something us mortals can only hope to comprehend. Yokohama Animation Laboratory is credited for production cooperation. He felt the game systems were streamlined and avoided any nuisances, and believes the all-Japanese voice cast is likely a reason for its popularity. Shirakami Fubuki is a character from the multi-media series known as Hololive. São Tomé & Principe / São Tomé & Principe - São Tomé & Principe Informations générales sur le pays Sao tome et Principe. Hong Kong media outlet HK01 found Kantai Collection's complete lack of post-release improvements and overdependence on luck responsible for upsetting its own players, who switched contributing to Azur Lane's popularity. [17] Seeing many similar games created in Greater China after Kantai Collection's success, the developers aimed to create "something different from previous works of ship moe anthropomorphism". At the Sakura Empire, Prinz Eugen tries to sow distrust between Kaga and Akagi by suggesting to Kaga that Akagi has differing motives from hers. [17] The game's notable voice actors include Yui Ishikawa,[20] Rie Takahashi[21] and Risa Taneda. Tony Taka, known for his work on the Shining series, was delighted to be invited to provide character design for HMS Centaur (R06), marking his first work in a mobile game. When preparing for the game's main mode, players can organize two fleets consisting of a front row and a back row, with three slots available in each row. The game features an eponymous military alliance, "Azur Lane", formed by nations of Eagle Union (United States), Royal Navy (United Kingdom), Sakura Empire (Empire of Japan) and Iron Blood (Nazi Germany). Before she can finish them off, Ayanami intervenes, destroying Enterprise's plane which knocks her back to her senses. Believing that around 10 people would suffice, Li later admitted his mistake in only having four full-time employees and two interns before the game's release, as they had to work from morning until midnight as the game's popularity grew until the end of 2017. Despite Azur Lane's best efforts, Purifier manages to escape with the Cube. Skills; Mach 2.42 Blossom Dive Bombers can be equipped in this ship's third gear slot, and will use the "Mach 2.42 Bermbew Sprawt" gear skin, but Airstrike load time increases by 100%. Free shipping and returns. First launched in China in May and in Japan in September 2017, Azur Lane quickly became popular, especially in Japan where the player count reached five million within four months after its release. Morale points are deducted for each fleet character in a battle. In March 2018, XD Global asked her to condemn the Korean radical feminist website Megalia after some players filed complaints accusing her of maintaining relations with the online community. Observer watches the battle from a distance, and notes that Enterprise is the "key". Azur Lane (Chinese: 碧蓝航线; pinyin: Bìlán Hángxiàn) is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up video game created by Chinese developers Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi, released in 2017 for the iOS and Android operating systems. Zuikaku and Shoukaku are blocked by Kaga, who is still determined to protect Orochi for Akagi's sake. Azur Lane sends a large rescue fleet to break the blockade. Kōshiki Saito", "『アズレン』ドラマCD化決定!第1弾はユニオン陣営のキャラが登場 | アニメイトタイムズ", "Should You Chase Bilibili's Post-IPO Rally? Mio is frequently described by fans and other hololivers as being mature, responsible and level-headed when compared to her peers. [80], Azur Lane was very popular in its home country, contributing to most of Bilibili's 2018 Q1 revenue along with the Chinese release of Fate/Grand Order. The game follows a different story with new characters also making their debut. Realizing what she's done, Enterprise finally realizes that she's afraid of the ocean. Shoukaku begins to openly wonder what secrets Akagi and Kaga have been hiding from them. Javelin and Laffey show Ayanami around the base, and Ayanami is caught off guard that none of the Azur Lane shipgirls bear any ill will towards her. World of Warships, a World War II naval warfare simulation game popular in China, influenced some of the gameplay design. A fighting city of steel. Betonamu Nihon • 09/12/2020. [37], A December 2018 collaboration event with Compile Heart introduced protagonists of Hyperdimension Neptunia to Azur Lane. Nagishiro Mito born September 6 is a Japanese digital doujin artist and illustrator. [19], Many young and some critically acclaimed voice actors lent their talents to the game. Orochi fades away and the Sirens withdraw, with Observer noting that even though their plan failed, the shipgirls exceeding their expectations means Humanity still has a future. An English-language version started open beta in August 2018 and was formally released in May 2019. Log In Sign Up. Afterwards, in order to improve relations, Azur Lane and Red Axis agree to live together in the same base, with shipgirls from both sides mingling with each other. Fleets that run out of ammo can still fight but may only deal half damage. Close. [22], Shanghai's Manjuu Ltd. provided the audiovisual design and the writing for Azur Lane. VIEW. [27], Li Hengda, president of Yostar Inc., revealed that although he saw Azur Lane's potential, he did not expect the level of popularity the game experienced in Japan. Starting My Life as a Commander with Laffey, "槇タケポン@デ[email protected]アズールレーンのイベント曲、担当させていただきました! on Twitter", "TV Animation "Azur Lane" Vol.

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