did commander rex follow order 66

In the vision, several things happen that eventually come to pass. Related: Clone Wars Ending Closes The Book On The Star Wars Prequels. He ultimately did, and while he subsequently didn’t follow Order 66, he was unable to warn anybody about it, as Count Dooku had Kix kidnapped to preserve the secrecy of the order. In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, he was a sergeant of the 501st. Rex retired The 501st over to Commander Appo and there is no record of Rex after that, Rex was long gone before order 66 occurred. 54. However, their relationship was severed during the execution of Order 66, when Cody and his fellow clone troopers turned on the Jedi and attempted to kill Obi-Wan. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 episode "Shattered," streaming now on Disney+.. This explains how Rex was able to resist Order 66 going forward, and how he and two other clones — Gregor and Wolfe — went on to live in isolation after the fall of the Republic. As Order 66 depicted, he realized his worst fears about the implants, which erased all clones' free will. If the Order was given, the clones were supposed to execute their Jedi Generals o… If i am not mistaken, Rex tried to convince Commander Cody of the Discovery, but did not listen. Why is it that Rex, Wolffe and Gregor did not follow the other clones and kill the jedi during order 66? He has also delved into the tedious world of stop-motion animation, putting together a handful of short films. That being said, it was his men who destroyed the Jedi … Commander Rex gave his clone troopers the order to execute Maul, … Rex retired The 501st over to Commander Appo and there is no record of Rex after that, Rex was long gone before order 66 occurred. He reappeared in Star Wars: Rebels again to become part of the rebel alliance. He was trained under the same program team alongside Bly, Cody, and Gree. When he's away from movies, he can often be found in the gym. Either way, they ended up joining forces somewhere down the road and becoming members of a Rebel cell. The final episodes of The Clone Wars detailed what happened to Ahsoka Tano in the immediate aftermath of Order 66. Therefore, she had to use the Force to make it appear, effectively allowing the droids to remove it with enough time for Rex to snap out of his Order 66 haze to save her life. That meant Jesse and the … Due to this, it is reasonable to assume that everything in the vision comes true. Like all the contingency orders, when delivered to the clones, they were to be executed without hesitation. Without the Astromechs, it's unlikely any of that would have been possible. The Clone Wars was bound to end with Order 66, but that didn't mean Rex needed to become a slave to his programming. Each one was programmed into the chip that was planted in all clone troopers brains. Cody then went on … In the final two episodes of the series, the moment fans waited for finally arrived. If you subscribe to this theory, than it would mean Rex was killed before Order 66, and thus died honorably, having not betrayed the Jedi So we don't know what happened to Captain Rex, my guess, he followed his orders except that Anakin was exempt from Order 66 because he was the only Jedi "unaware" of the their plot to overthrow the Chancellor. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Sidious gives Order 66. Their voyage goes smoothly until the latest transmission arrives, delivered by Darth Sidious himself. The vision shows Dooku killing Rex with force lightning. In the final two episodes … ... wolffe and gregor did that after the clone wars ended right before order 66 (edited by Commander Tex) Star Wars Rebels. Rex tries his hardest to combat his nature before inevitably failing to think independently. After the Clone Wars ended, Rex lived an incredible life on his terms. Not only that, but he probably convinced a few of his other clone buddies including Commander Wolfe to find and cut out their inhibitor chips. The simple fact of the matter is her whereabouts are unknown during that time frame. Did some of the clones find a way around their programming? Kix was put into suspended animation and stored aboard a Separatist warship, but during a battle with Republic forces, the vessel crash-landed on a remote desert world. Ahsoka survived Order 66 thanks to her timely removal of the chip in Rex's brain, and she made a nail-biter of an escape from a crash that killed almost everybody else on board the ship. His resistance to the order is unlike anything seen from them in previous Star Wars media. He was als… In the face of Krell's callousness toward clone lives and refusal to treat the troopers as individuals instead of numbered units, Rex is caught between his duty to follow Krell's orders and his responsibility to protect his men. Following the apprehension of Darth Maul, Rex and Ahsoka Tano depart from Mandalore. And that is the story of how Captain Rex, I guess Commander Rex at this point, was able to remove his inhibitor chip without murdering Ahsoka Tano, or a single Jedi. Rex began as a simple rookiee Clone Officer trained under Alpha 17's Marshall Officer training program during the beginning of the Clone Wars. Clone Protocol 66, or Order 66, was an order programmed into the clone troopers who made up the majority of the Grand Army of the Republic which identified all members of the Jedi Order … How did this happen… and when? What did Captain Rex do on order 66? The order has come directly from the Chancellor. Shane started at Screen Rant in late 2019. WandaVision: What Was Herb Trying To Tell Vision? "Sir yes sir!" There were a few clone troops that disobeyed the order: - Ion Team, a group of clones that were close with their assigned Jedi, refused the order on the grounds that it was not valid - they believed it was a false enemy signal, and helped protect their Jedi against their fellow clones. As a result of the Grand Army's reorganization into the Stormtrooper Corps , [18] Commander Cody and the remaining clone troopers who survived the Clone Wars composed the first generation of Imperial stormtroopers . Next: Star Wars: The WEIRDEST Way Order 66 Was Executed. It’s also on the other clones: We’re willing to bet that will be explained, but it stands to reason that Fives piqued Rex’s interest and he started his own discreet investigation afterward. In the three episode arc comprised of the stories “The Unknown,” “Conspiracy,” “Fugitive,” and “Orders,” the clone trooper Fives discovered a conspiracy to control the clone army using a biological “inhibitor” chip. Despite growing discontent in the ranks and calls for … He experienced an autonomous life other clones never knew, as they remained loyal to the Empire for years. His ability to speak becomes impaired as he tells her to find Fives before giving in and opening fire. I've done research and there really isn't anything on Wookieepedia. He often worked with Captain Rex, with whom he became friends. At almost the same time, Ahsoka senses Anakin Skywalker's fall to … All clones were given a bio-chip, one that could be activated by remote order via voice command; Sheev Palpatine, for example, only needed to tell clones to execute Order 66, and the order was carried out. CT-7567, later known and better known by his nickname \"Rex,\" was, like the rest of his clone brothers, created from the genetic template of bounty hunter Jango Fett on the planet Kamino. Learn how your comment data is processed. He was aboard a Republic Starship as a prisoner when Order 66 was executed. ... wolffe and gregor did that after the clone wars ended right before order 66 (edited by Commander Tex) Star Wars Rebels. Follow/Fav Rex and Ahsoka Order 66 By: ARC-7567 Order 66 is about to happen when Clone Captain Rex is sent with some of his best troopers to alderaan to meet with his old friend and commander Ahsoka Tano NO LEMONS DONT EVEN ASK His hesitation is not without reason, hence why he is the only one to do so. The entire scene is a fresh take on Order 66, hinting at the clone's autonomy or lack thereof for the first time. Class: What’s The Story Behind The Doctor Who Spinoff? So, how are Rex … Rex struggled to fulfill Order 66 in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, unlike his clone brothers. Batwoman: Who's Taking Care Of Wayne Manor Without Alfred? He fought and participated in many battles with Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, Padawan Commander Ahsoka Tano, and was often seen alongside Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and the 212th Attack Battalion. Grown to be among the greatest soldiers in the galaxy, Rex was given additional command training and was promoted to be a Clone Captain and Advanced Recon Commando in the Grand Army of the Republic. Check out this picture of Rex. Captain Rex is a relatively new character to the franchise, but as he makes no appearance in Star Wars: Episode III or post-Order 66, it is difficult to say what his ultimate outcome was. 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He is currently attending the University At Buffalo for a Bachelor's in Film Studies and has been studying film independently for years. We’re less sure about that one. There is an intense staredown as a trembling Rex urges Ahsoka to stay back. Order 66 was the sixty-sixth contingency order out of 150 contingency plans. New Hope, execute Order 66-S2, you're with me." Rex struggled to fulfill Order 66 in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, unlike his clone brothers. She turned back around at the sound of his voice and looked at him with her head tilted. Your email address will not be published. The answer is actually in these Clone Wars episodes, but if you don't want to watch them, go ahead and read my answer! During the execution of Order 66, Captain Rex escaped with Ahsoka Tano, where they parted ways. Search, discover and share your favorite Order 66 GIFs. Once Rex confirmed Fives’ findings, he probably kept the information to himself to avoid being killed. He must have. "This is Captain Rex. Rex knew for a long time how shady the implants were, but he didn't say a word since no one would listen. That Order 66 was the masterstroke that allowed him to transform the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empireand consolidate power for himself. Their task is to deliver the Sith Lord to the Jedi Council back on Coruscant to answer for his crimes. came the affirmative simultaneous call of all his men. That Order 66 was the masterstroke that allowed him to transform the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire and consolidate power for himself. From blockbusters to indie ventures, he's there on opening night. Its influence on his mind is unbreakable, but his attempt to resist it is a result of his awareness. Sensing something is wrong, Ahsoka steps into the middle of a trap, being held at gunpoint by her once ally. With the help of a group of Astromech droids, Ahsoka was able to free Captain Rex from his control chip and escape their pursuers. In the end, his suspicions of the inhibitor chips saved both his life and Ahsoka's. Required fields are marked *. After that, it was only a matter of relaying the information to his most trusted men and finding a way to do a little self surgery. Soon after Order 66, Palpatine's rise to power was completed with his ascension as Emperor of the first Galactic Empire. 6/14/2015 in Questions and Answers. The time has come. In the wake of Order 66, however, Rex resists the chip's effects long enough to tell Ahsoka to "find Fives," before he succumbs to its influence and shoots at her. Rex's hesitation to carry out Order 66 is unique among the Republic's clones. Here's the reason for his trepidation and their lack thereof. This leads to the conclusion that he was later promoted, to the rank of commander … However, as anyone who saw Revenge of the Sith can tell you, the clone army was programmed to turn on the Jedi (and they did) based on a single order from Palpatine. “Commander Rex. Thankfully for him, Ahsoka removed his chip before he could harm or even kill her. Ahsoka Tano. 6/14/2015 in Questions and Answers. Did some of the clones find a way around their programming? But when Order 66 broke out, Ahsoka was only able to remove Commander Rex's inhibitor chip before trying to escape. He explains his worry over them and the power they possess if in the wrong hands. The penultimate episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars finally syncs up with the moment Chancellor Palpatine issues the dreaded Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith, and turns the clone army against the Jedi.While fans get to see Ahsoka Tano fight for … Captain Rex, later Commander Rex, designation number CT-7567, is a fictional character in the Star Wars science fiction universe created by George Lucas and a main character of the animated The Clone Wars 2008 film and the related television series of the same name.He is a clone trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic, cloned from bounty hunter Jango Fett, and serves … Marvel’s Secret Invasion Show To Start Filming In April, Friends: Every Character The Show Totally Forgot About, Disenchantment: The Biggest Unanswered Questions After Season 3's Ending, The Flash: Why Savitar's Timeline Was The Worst Barry Allen Created. Of course, uncovering this secret makes Fives public enemy number one and he is forced to go on the run. It seems they were both surprised by the idea of Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith. How did this happen… and when? Doubtful. He didn't know of the "chip" that makes them follow orders IIRC from SW: The Clone Wars. He tries to expose the conspiracy, but is hunted and killed by his fellow clone troopers. It is on a clone named Fives, and within the folder is a recording of Rex talking about their inhibitor chips. The ever-committed clones carried out the gruesome command with no second thoughts — except for at least one. Aside from Ahsoka and Darth Vader, one of the most anticipated characters returning to the screen is Captain Rex from the Clone Wars show.However, as anyone who saw Revenge of the Sith can tell you, the clone army was programmed to turn on the Jedi (and they did… Most of the clones did follow Order 66 and killed their Jedi generals. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Why is it that Rex, Wolffe and Gregor did not follow the other clones and kill the jedi during order 66? Rex understood what the chips were capable of, so he fought a mental battle over his thought process. MTV Unveils the First Trailer for Scream the TV Series, Steven Universe Recap: Sworn to the Sword.

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