Despite the genetic predisposition, good habits could reduce the risk of dementia

Therefore, even if we have a genetic predisposition, good habits may reduce the risk of dementia.

Beneficial healthy lifestyle despite the high genetic risk

A study recently published in the journal JAMA evaluated the relationship between genetic risk and lifestyle in the development of dementia. Data of more than 190 thousand people of 60 years average for 8 years were analyzed.

Participants were categorized at high, intermediate or low risk of suffering dementia according to genes and were divided into favorable, intermediate and unfavorable lifestyles considering different habits such as exercise practice, smoking status or not and the quality of the diet as well as alcohol intake.

Taking these categories into account, it was concluded that the risk of suffering from dementia was considerably higher in those with a genetic predisposition. However, when the habits were favorable the incidence was significantly lower than when the lifestyle was unfavorable.

That is, regardless of genetic risk, a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of dementia. Therefore, although we have a genetic predisposition we can do a lot to prevent or delay the development of this disease through our habits.

Thus, we recommend minimizing the intake of added sugars that have been associated with dementia and alcohol, avoiding smoking and prioritizing the consumption of healthy fats, complex hydrates, fiber and foods rich in vitamins and various minerals. That is, eating a diet of high nutritional quality with regular exercise and proper rest could be key to protect us from dementia.

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