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Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. Can anyone use Safe Ride? How do I get the Via … Access Google Drive with a free Google account (for personal use) or Google Workspace account (for business use). Try searching or browse recent questions. He has been a rideshare driver since early 2012, having completed hundreds of trips for companies including Uber, Lyft, and Postmates. provides tailored content about the on-demand transportation industry. Service fee as low as 10%. In fact, they can even be simpler than the requirements for Uber or Lyft in some cases. Need to contact us? Remove Yahoo Mail from Google Drive. You can’t directly apply to drive for Via in these cities. (less than or more than a year? Read more about Brett here. The exact amount you can earn will vary based on your city and how much you drive. Flex Mode drivers earn a rate based on distance and time of day. Visit our driver center & drive home in a brand new vehicle: Get exclusive, discounted … Yes, they do. Generally, Blue Mode makes more sense during times of steady demand (like rush hour), while Flex Mode is better for times when demand can fluctuate (after the bars close or after a big event, for instance). In Chicago, for instance, there’s an earnings guarantee of $1,000 if you complete 100 rides in your first 30 days. You can learn more about it here. While you can download it at any time, you won’t be able to use it until Via has approved your application and received all the necessary documents. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). [Note: The distance … This is a key distinction compared to Uber and Lyft: You earn even if you’re waiting around for passengers and regardless of how many passengers you’re transporting. Once on the page, you’ll see a screen like the following: On the application page, you’ll see a box that says, “Sign Up.” In this box, select your city from the list, and then enter the following information: This will not only start the application, but it will also create an account that you can use to check your application status, as well as resume your application if you need to take a break in the midst of it. In NYC, on the other hand, you can receive a signing bonus of up to $2,000. Make COMPETITIVE EARNINGS with the LOWEST COMMISSION & partner with a team that cares. The Four Rules of Via; Can my child ride with Via? One such company that promises this to drivers is Via Transportation, Inc., usually just known as “Via.” The company aims to attract drivers with lower commissions, flexible compensation structures, and a streamlined pickup and drop-off system. They aren't trying to get you there quickly. The app will give you directions to the passenger’s location, as well as landmarks to look for: Once you’ve picked the passenger up, you’ll get directions on where to drop them off (and you may pick up other passengers on the way). You can use Microsoft OneDrive to share photos, Microsoft Office documents, other files, and entire folders with people. What platform(s) is the Via app available on? At least one year of U.S. driving … This means that instead of drivers going to the passenger’s exact location, the passenger gets picked up at a corner one or two blocks from their location and dropped off at a nearby corner to their destination. We’re here to help! ), What sort of vehicle will you be using for Via? Visit one of our driver center locations and get access to the highest vehicle bonus in NYC! These are not difficult, but failing to meet them will make you ineligible to drive for Via. Another key thing to note about Via earnings is that the company charges a lower commission than Uber or Lyft. Fast signup, great pay, easy work. Learn More{{/message}}, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}It appears your submission was successful. The other mode is called Blue Mode, and it’s what sets Via apart from Uber and Lyft. Check out our passenger guide to find out. Join Team Via Start driving now and earn $2,000 guaranteed! Our website is supported by our users. Passengers use the app to schedule a pickup, can track their progress during the ride, and can use the app to see their drop off location. Can I drive for Via at the same time as Uber and Lyft? Save gas and time on your next trip. Easily enter stops on a map or by uploading a file. Drive and deliver with DoorDash and start making money today. In Europe, Via also operates a service called ViaVan. ⓒ 2019 Via Transportation, Inc. All rights reserved. This level of real-time support just isn’t present in Uber and Lyft (and certainly not as accessible as Via makes it). This can mean significant savings in maintenance and depreciation over the long term. Via is an on-demand transit provider primarily focused on shared rides. This is Via’s version of surge pricing, and it increases fares based on a multiplier that varies depending on how high current demand for rides is. In 2014 he acquired to share his experiences with other drivers. The additional TLC licensing requirements also make it trickier to start driving for Via in NYC (though if you’re already an Uber or Lyft driver, you’ll have the necessary license). Product Overview. The company has a vehicle leasing and rental program in partnership with a variety of other companies. Your article was just what I needed!! On the other hand, the flat rate precludes you from getting Rocket Mode fares, which could boost your overall hourly earnings. The cab rush of old is dead. You are free to continue working for Uber and Lyft while also driving for Via. Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll be in touch within 48hrs!. $0 Down. To get started driving for Via, visit their application page. Christian Heeb / Getty Images. Find out more about Via… For riders who choose a shared vehicle, Via's algorithm matches multiple passengers heading in the same direction … Another important difference is that Via has two earning modes that drivers can use. If you are looking for a simply way to clone hard drive via Command Prompt in Windows 10/8/7, read this article intensively. Yes, you can. Be a Dasher now! This is because they are paid hourly during rush hour. In the United States, you can apply to drive for Via in the following cities: Additionally, Via is available in West Sacramento, CA, and Arlington, TX through partnerships with city governments. Learn More{{/message}}. 1. While the details will vary based on your city, the basic process is as follows: You can access this page by clicking this link. Choose between multiple rental options and partners available, Metris drivers get priority support through phone, chat, and in-person, Our typical Metris driver can earn up to $300 /day. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Affiliates | Sitemap. San Francisco RV Resort is technically found in Pacifica, but it’s only a 20-minute drive to travel into the heart of San Francisco.This park is all … The amount you can earn varies based on your city and is subject to change at any time. (personal vehicle, taxi, or you don’t have a vehicle). While the company is still limited in its scope of operations, it shows no signs of slowing down. By: Brett Helling | Updated: December 3, 2020. Via is vague about the extent of this process, but new drivers presumably receive some sort of orientation and training before their first trip. The company offers on-demand rides to passengers through a mobile app. Flexibility - drive … These two rideshare companies dominate the industry, but they’re not the only players in the game. All Via drivers must meet the following requirements: In addition to these driver requirements, Via also has vehicle requirements that you’ll need to meet: As you can see, the requirements for Via are not that complicated. Via Driver Salary: How Much Do Via Drivers Make? Before you get too excited about driving for Via, you need to be sure you’re in a city where they operate. Maximize your earnings with one of our highest-earning vehicles on Via and exclusive deals from our vehicle partners. 3. When you share a file with someone, they will only be able to view it. Once you’ve accepted the request, you’ll need to pick the passenger up. The details of the bonus vary based on your city. Apply using this link! You can change the way files are shared from Google Drive. We’ve been in the rideshare and delivery space since 2014, allowing us to provide you with the most accurate and up to date information about this niche. Share files with Google Drive. We offer the efficiency of a private car with the cost savings and congestion-reducing benefits of public transit. This includes a copy of your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration. Breaks taken during driving … That’s why we have multiple channels for you to reach out with any questions. Does Via have a driver referral program? The potential earnings are a big reason that drivers are choosing Via over Uber or Lyft. Via Driver Partner Support: Update your documents, add a vehicle, check your payment information & more! Getting paid an hourly rate can add some welcome stability that rideshare traditionally lacks. We’ll need: Stop by the Via Driver Center @ 401 W Ontario Suite 205. Curious how to get free rides as a Via passenger? How many people will I share with? However, we do know that Via’s compensation structure differs from Uber and Lyft’s in a few key ways. Great Pay. 4. Via West Sacramento rides cost just $3.50. Original Poster-Nicola Gray. Guaranteed $2000 for your first 200 rides. This makes the process much easier than other rideshare platforms. Gardy drives a Mercedes Metris. It’s simple to use, and it will be a familiar experience if you’ve used the Uber or Lyft driver apps. If you’re a Lyft driver or Uber driver partner, then you’ll already be familiar with the basic premise of Via. Our insights are regularly quoted in publications like Forbes, The New York Times, The Guardian, CNBC, and, just to name a few. I had lots of … Visit our support portal. We’d like to include a bit about how the Via Driver App works. If this sounds exciting, then keep reading to learn everything you need to know about driving for Via, including driver requirements, pay, and how to apply. Getting Started with Via Sign in to the ViaPartner app and tap “Go online” when you are within Via’s Service Zone and ready to accept rides. Guaranteed Hourly Rates. To conclude this guide, let’s address some common questions about driving for Via. All Via drivers must meet the following requirements: Have a valid driver’s license. I drive with Via DC, and you should too! What is Via? They’re not required to do this, but it does give you an extra incentive to provide the utmost in customer service. The first is Flex Mode, and it works basically the same as Uber and Lyft. In many ways, the process is similar to applying to drive for Uber or Lyft. If you’re in NYC, you’ll need to answer some questions about your TLC license. Book a ride … He earns $2000 per week. If you have already submitted all required information, please give our team some time to review your status in our system – we’ll reach out via … Where to Stay in San Francisco . They also have the chance to take advantage of Rocket Pay. A qualified referral must (1) complete at least 10 hours of driving on the Via platform within 30 days of finishing driver onboarding and (2) be referred by a current driver who has also completed at least 10 hours of driving on the platform within 30 days of finishing driver onboarding. If in NYC, you’ll need to upload a copy of your TLC license. Via drivers are still independent contractors, and this means that you’re responsible for saving for and filing your own taxes, as well as paying for your own expenses. One great perk of driving for Via is the new driver sign up bonus that they offer. Via takes the concept even further, however, by functioning as a “corner-to-corner” service. In the most literal sense, no. From a driver perspective, however, the existence of other rideshare companies is even more exciting, since it means additional opportunities to earn money (hopefully at higher rates). Click here to continue your application to ViaVan! Team Via is here to help. The way Via accomplishes passenger transportation is much like UberPOOL or Lyft Shared (formerly Lyft Line) rides, with each vehicle holding multiple riders headed in the same direction and picking up additional passengers en route. *A typical Metris driver-partner who completes 10-hours daily in Blue mode can earn up to $300, including promotional rates offered by Via to Metris driver-partners. Not an active ViaVan driver yet? Via New Driver Bonus/Sign Up Bonus: Claim Yours Now. Brett Helling is the owner of We’ll provide you with more information on this as we can. Note that, unlike Uber or Lyft, with Via you always drive in one direction and pick up passengers at corners. Visit our driver center & drive home in a brand new vehicle: Get exclusive, discounted deals on Mercedes-Metris leases and rentals from our vehicle partners! To accept a passenger request, simply tap “Accept.”. Assuming your answers to these questions satisfy Via’s requirements, they’ll process your application. If you’re interested in driving for Via, you’ll have to go through the company’s application process. In Blue Mode, drivers earn a flat hourly rate while they have the Via Driver app activated. For now, however, the support Via offers drivers is another reason to switch from Uber or Lyft. In fact, if the passenger isn’t at the pickup location at the specified time, the driver will not wait for them (much like a bus doesn’t wait if no one is at a stop). Find the shortest routes between multiple stops and get times and distances for your work or a road trip. Check out our post below for full information on Via’s … This is good news for passengers, as it offers the prospect of better prices, better service, or whatever else you think is missing from the big companies. In order to become a driver with Via, you must have a valid driver’s license and have at least one year of driving experience. Via is a rideshare company founded in 2012, which markets itself as a new competitor to Lyft and Uber. … Before you can drive for Via, you need to meet both their driver and vehicle requirements. Have a vehicle that meets your city requirements: Have valid vehicle insurance and registration, How long have you been driving in the U.S.? Can I drive for Via if I don’t own a car? Drivers Deserve More. To start, Via rewards you for transporting multiple passengers at once. Washington (US) Distance Chart (Distance Table): For your quick reference, below is a Distance Chart or Distance Table of distances between some of the major cities in Washington (US). Rent a Mercedes Metris and get a $500 bonus towards your new vehicle. By Lily / Last Updated September 27, 2020 Why do we need to clone hard drive? Get Link Report Abuse . Once you start driving, you’ll be able to see passenger requests pop up much like they would with Uber or Lyft. Why drive with Via? Can I eat in the vehicle? Via operates ride-sharing services in New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. and in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Milton Keynes through our ViaVan venture. We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. 2. Can I smoke or use an electronic cigarette in my Via? You’ll also need to add your bank account and tax information so that Via can pay you (and verify that you can legally work in the U.S.). Once Via has approved the basics of your application, you’ll need to upload certain documents. You can always stop sharing a file or change who can view it. In Chicago and D.C., they charge a 15 percent commission on all rides, while in NYC they charge a 10 percent commission for Blue Mode rides and a 20 percent commission for Flex Mode rides. Learn more here . Google Drive. Rides are available Monday-Friday from 6am to 11pm, Saturday from 9am to 11pm, and Sunday from 8am to 8pm anywhere in the city of West Sacramento: Got questions? Before you can drive for Via, you need to meet both their driver and vehicle requirements. Who is driving my Via? Once you accept the first ride of a trip, Via will automatically … You’ll have to experiment to decide if it makes sense to do a mix of Uber, Lyft, and Via driving, or if you’d be better off just driving for Via. By setting up drop-off and pickup locations this way, Via prevents unnecessary detours and streamlines their service to work much like public transportation. Drive with Via: Requirements. All drivers get live support via phone or text for help with any ride issues. Not finding what you’re looking for? In Washington, Oregon, and at the northern end of California, the Pacific Coast route follows US Highway 101. Interested in driving for Via? These include: You’ll also need to consent to a background check and arrange for a vehicle inspection (if necessary). More money in your pocket! These are not difficult, but failing to meet them will make you ineligible to drive for Via. You’ll have to experiment to decide which mode is best for you. They don’t say how long this generally takes, but given that the platform is still relatively small, it shouldn’t be long. ... WA to visit family and we’ve decided to come back home via the PCH. You should drive the Pacific Coast Highway southbound! At least one year of U.S. driving experience, Possess a TLC license (for drivers in New York City). The app is available to download for Android and iOS. Next, you’ll need to answer some questions to determine if you’re eligible to drive for Via. At Via we are committed to providing our Driver Partners the best support possible. From the perspective of service fees, it’s better to drive in Chicago and D.C. than NYC (assuming you’re doing Flex rides). Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. Because Via has structured their platform to work like public transit, it makes sense for them to reward drivers for carrying more than one passenger. This license can be used to legally drive but cannot be used for identification and will be marked "identity not verified". Whether you’re applying for the first time, or simply submitting a new vehicle, there are a few key documents we’ll need to get your vehicle on the road with Via. Pick your own schedule and use any car or bike. This is in contrast with Uber and Lyft’s shared rides, in which you tend to earn less overall as opposed to doing a regular Lyft or UberX ride. Finally, you should know that Via riders have the option to leave drivers a tip at the end of a ride. His insights are regularly quoted by publications such as Forbes, Vice, CNBC, and more. Besides the higher earning potential, Via offers a level of driver support that sets them apart from Uber and Lyft. We hope this guide has shown you that Via is a compelling alternative for rideshare drivers in a market where Uber and Lyft get most of the attention. The Company that Cares. Of course, the fact that Via is a much smaller company helps with this, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to provide this level of support as they expand. 24/7 Live Support You can renew by mail if: You will not be in Washington when your driver's license expires. They can work to help you find a vehicle to lease or rent and drive for the Via platform. Finally, drivers in Washington, D.C. can receive “huge guaranteed fares” (fill out an application to see details). 5/15/19. Not only does this bring the cost down for riders, but it also means fewer miles on driver’s vehicles. This content is likely not relevant anymore. - 3 years driver's license history required, - Maintenance, Insurance and TLC included. Curious about Via’s driver requirements & vehicle requirements? All payments occur through the app, meaning cash doesn’t have to change hands. You can remove Yahoo Mail from Google Drive … Note that Via can help you with this process, so you can still apply even if you don’t have a TLC license, Pass a vehicle inspection (for drivers in Chicago). Maximize your earnings with one of our highest-earning vehicles on Via and exclusive deals from our vehicle partners. When and where does Via operate? These are where the similarities end, however. You can earn a cash bonus when you refer new drivers to Via and they sign up for the platform using your referral link. {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. It’s available in London and Berlin. Many, almost all, are unfamiliar with … You’ll have to decide if your potential earnings are worth paying the leasing or rental fees, but it’s an option worth exploring if you’d otherwise have no way to drive for Via. When you think of rideshare, you probably think of Uber and Lyft. Monday – Friday 10am – … Via drivers drive without motivation or urgency. How to access google docs shared via … No, they do not. Because of the way Via works, you can’t simultaneously have the Uber and Lyft apps going. Sign Up Now! Near the small town of Leggett (home to the famed Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree) US-101 … Chicago, IL. He is currently working on a book about working in the Gig Economy, expanding his skill set beyond the rideshare niche. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. Cloning a hard drive means to copy all the contents on the drive… In all cases, this is less than the fees that Uber and Lyft charge drivers (which are at least 25 percent and often more). Back. You’re still an independent contractor, and Via has no control over what you do when you’re not online in their app. * 15% service fee - Lowest service fee in the industry. The files and folders you store in OneDrive are private until you decide to share … Does Via offer benefits like health insurance or retirement? Drivers must also pass a criminal …

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