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At a meal[29] the next day,[80] Bane launched his plan to free himself and Eval, hiring the young bounty hunter aspirant Boba Fett—the son of his old rival, Jango Fett—to create a diversion in the mess hall. Bounty is a valuable keyword, representing one of the few ways to score victory points beyond accomplishing objectives. Flying the Xanadu Blood, Bane engaged Skywalker and Kenobi in starfighter combat and crippled their ship's primary laser cannon. After commandeering a police speeder, Bane piloted the group to a civilian landing dock, where they stole an HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class 905 freighter from its Quarren owner. Upon entering the first chamber of the Box, Bane, Kenobi, and their comrades were presented with the first challenge from Eval: escaping from the lethal gas dioxis, which would kill them upon inhalation. Skywalker rebounded the laser shots, causing the bounty hunter to lose his balance atop a platform and tumble to the ground; the Jedi then held Bane at lightsaber point. Forming a team of hunters to execute his job, Bane launched a brazen raid on the Republic Executive Building and captured ten prominent members of the Galactic Senate, using them as hostages to force Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to free Ziro. Bane and his comrades split up outside the Executive Building to raid the Senate. [5], The bulk of Bane's miniaturized equipment, which allowed him to hide his weapons in plain sight,[8] was inspired by that of a Hutt enforcer who used it to imitate a Jedi. Skin color Bane, Eval, and Kenobi were thus forced to make a stop on Orondia to purchase fuel from the second Bith dealer. Prior to the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY[source?] Although Bane then made to leave, Kenobi stopped him, for even though Ziro could not be returned to Coruscant, the Jedi Master still sought to take Bane into custody for his raid on the Senate and told him that he would be going to prison. Cad Bane and Greedo shouldn't even be on the poll. [123][124] The arc would have consisted of a team-up for a "rescue mission" on Tatooine where Tusken Raiders had kidnapped a child. A master bounty hunter, Bane saw preparation as the key to any operation's success,[101] being able to quickly assess his opponents and correspondingly equip himself. After showing Ventress how to operate Ambase's stasis pod, the monitor of which frequently built up with ice that required an ice pick to break, Bane handed the inert Ambase over to her. When Skywalker, Tano, and Bane took a cliff-side path, they gradually moved beyond the clones' range and were forced to cope without their covering fire. [10], Calling the agent out on his imitation of a Jedi, Bane summarily eliminated his lightsaber and then his right jetpack boot with two blaster shots, causing him to crash into a wall. After delivering both Toa and Dunn to Sidious's Mustafar facility and wiping the Xanadu Blood's navigation records, Bane traveled to the planet Naboo to track down his next target[52]—the Gungan infant Roo-Roo Page. The Clone Wars: Stand Aside - Bounty Hunters! Location(s) Reactions: Mr Quadinaros, Coloring, LordZeppelin and 2 others. Bane, Eval, and Kenobi departed from Orondia aboard their yacht, leaving Skywalker and Tano behind. For this job, Bane recruited the assassin droid HELIOS-3E and his newly rebuilt droid, Todo 360, to kidnap Senator Padmé Amidala's protocol droid, C-3PO and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker's astromech droid R2-D2. Posted by 3 years ago. [73] The Senate hostage crisis benefited Bane not only in his considerable payday, but also by ensuring that he would have new clients in the future due to the raid's sheer audacity. The level featuring the Senate hostage crisis ends after the Republic Executive Building's power generator is shut down. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [26] He also utilized removable[52] cybernetic breathing tubes that were embedded in his cheekbones;[5] they were directly connected to his windpipe,[13] allowing him to work freely in harsh atmospheres without requiring additional protection. At that moment, some of the wreckage surrounding the dropship exploded. Cad Bane lived during the last decades of the Galactic Republic and was native to the planet Duro. Though Ziro congratulated Bane on his success, Bane ignored the accolade and demanded his pay from the Hutt, as he worked only for money. A ruthless bounty hunter from the planet Duro, Cad Bane was the top blaster-for-hire during the Clone Wars. Though he worked for a number of clients, his loyalty was ultimately to credits—and by extension, the highest bidder. As Bane rendezvoused with a Trade Federation escort of Munificent-class frigates over Devaron that Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray had provided at Darth Sidious's request, they were ambushed by the Resolute, commanded by Skywalker. Sticking to his word, Bane tells the senator of Juma 9—which, in this case, is a strategic Confederate outpost, while in the other editions of the game it is an active Republic mining facility. With his troops in place, Bane ran through the hallways of his frigate and lured the Jedi and clones—who had found the late Ropal in his holding cell—to the gunnery deck. Yet Bane did nothing to help Ur'etu, letting his employer die so that he could confront the false Jedi himself. In response to Bane's fury with being betrayed to the Hutts, Kenobi stated that Bane would have done the same thing in his situation—for the time being, they were even. [50] He was more confident as a long-range killer than in close-quarter combat, using technology and intellectual skill to take down targets. [15][94] To him, a good bounty hunter made his own rules and ensured that the odds were in his favor. [23] He took on jobs that were considered to be tough,[68] costly,[45] dangerous,[56] and even impossible,[15] earning respect for accepting and accomplishing such tasks. Bane, who reminded Dooku that he still owed him for a previous job, demanded triple his rate if he was to participate, to which Dooku replied that the reward for surviving the competition would be well worth it. Parasitti directed Todo to the control board, and the droid deactivated the fans so that he and Bane could slip between their blades. However, the job had cost Gunn the Hasty Harpy, and she had subsequently been stranded on Vaced. [35] A talented actor, he was able to deceive Nuru Kungurama and a squad of clone troopers while on Kynachi, though the clones eventually came to mistrust him. Despite that setback, Bane realized while conferring with C-3PO that R2-D2, as an astromech droid, would likely hold the plans to the Executive Building, and he thus sent Todo and HELIOS-3E after R2-D2. Although Teska fled with the Core and stole the Sleight of Hand, Bane later intervened in the Republic's siege of Teska's facility on the planet Behpour. [8] His gauntlets were also capable of remote control and could operate starship functions, from controls aboard his Munificent-class star frigate[50] and a speeder bike[106] to those aboard his personal Telgorn dropship, the Sleight of Hand,[35] or his starfighter, the Xanadu Blood. Knowing that Davtokk intended to kill him and collect the bounty on his head, Bane assembled a life-size mannequin of himself from a scrapped B1 battle droid to fool Davtokk. Tasked with eliminating a Jedi who was threatening Ur'etu's operations, Bane worked independently of the gangster's bodyguard retinue and placed a portable sensor field on the compound's roof, which eventually alerted him to the arrival of the Jedi. In spite of the fact that "Hardeen" had not been scheduled to arrive until much later, his appearance was the least of Bane's worries: Dooku had failed to show up, leaving them with the Chancellor. Though he briefly delayed Vos by tangling his legs in a bola, Vos broke free, and he and Kenobi pursued Bane to the cliff at the end of the canyon. Biography. With Todo piloting the craft, Bane followed Ziro's trail through the swamps of Nal Hutta and came upon the home of Ziro's mother, Mama the Hutt, whom Bane and Todo interrogated and learned of Ziro's next destination: the planet Teth, where Ziro had hidden his holodiary record of the Hutt Council's dealings.[33]. Discussion between Gunn and Robonino further revealed that the latter had subcontracted the bounty hunter Bossk, whose capability Bane severely doubted, as "backup" for the infiltration of the Black Hole Pirates. Skywalker deflected the blaster fire with his lightsaber and managed to hit Bane's left rocket boot, sending him flying out of control onto the yacht's hull. Though he raised his fee due to the involvement of a Jedi, Bane accepted the assignment and immediately left for Kynachi. Although Eval lost faith in Bane and his escape plan, Kenobi convinced them that he could slice into the door's access port. Bane continued to deceive the group, stating that he had been unsuccessful in finding his previous quarry. Along the way, the hyperdrive of the Jedi's Consular-class cruiser encountered some malfunctions, preventing the Jedi from escaping to hyperspace. I know baze is the better option for arena but want to try out a 5th bounty hunter for fun, opinions please? He chose a light vest while making sure to acquire rocket boots and a new hat,[81] which he later exchanged for his prized wide-brimmed hat from Bulduga, who had come into possession of it. There, Kenobi hoped they could buy a new starship, though Bane pointed out that as they undoubtedly had a bounty on their heads for escaping, they first had to replace their prison fatigues. Bane, disguised as a Jedi, meets with the Dunns at their Kay-Tap square home. Slashfilm has this to say about bounty hunter Cad Bane, who first appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1 finale episode (“Hostage Crisis”): With … Bane's arrival did not go unnoticed; he was greeted by a squad of Senate Commandos, who made to arrest him for his violation of security protocols. [46], Bane took pleasure in striking fear in his quarries and captives,[68] as evidenced by his treatment of the senators during his brazen hostage-taking in the Senate. With Eval arriving to personally oversee the test, the final challenge was to test the competitors' sniping abilities: they were provided with a single blaster rifle, along with a rapidly moving target on the wall to hit. Once HELIOS-3D reported that he and Taa were arriving at the Detention Center, Bane prepared to leave and had his comrades set up their "parting gifts" for the senators—a laser web that would activate explosives upon the slightest touch. Bane initially believed infiltrating the Temple to be impossible, but when Sidious put his reputation into question, Bane agreed to the assignment[46] regardless of its costs,[45] albeit with the request for an elite Rogue-class starfighter and triple his usual rate. The season one finale "Hostage Crisis" director Giancarlo Volpe compared Cad Bane to another Star Wars bounty hunter, Boba Fett, stating: He also had his Techno-service droid Todo 360 accompany him on the job. After warning Palpatine not to mount any last-ditch attempts to apprehend him, Bane bade the senators farewell and left the Senate with his accomplices. As a fight broke out, Bane knocked Kenobi backward and fired upon him, using his rocket boots to gain elevation over his opponent. With Kungurama, Gunn, the troopers, and a poncho-adorned Bane posing as prisoners and Cleaver acting as their droid captor, they were admitted into the facility. The party—left unnamed in 2009's "Hostage Crisis"—who had hired Bane to free Ziro the Hutt from prison was not clarified for quite some time. Bane recognized Skywalker as a deadly fighter in open combat, and instead of engaging him directly, he elected to confront the overly compassionate Skywalker with difficult moral choices by employing those close to him as hostages. [106] Given his formidable reputation,[53] Bane was a highly skilled mercenary. Taa reluctantly obeyed,[57] and the sentinel droid HELIOS-3D,[6] one of Ziro's own droids,[2] transported Taa to the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center where the Hutt was being held. Bane thus entered Eval's Box competition to become one of the five mercenaries who would be hired for the job. Faced with accusations of his forgery, Soopan admitted to his sham, stating that he had only wanted a taste of real power. Once his comrades had taken care of the majority of the workers, Bane killed the last one himself and gave the all-clear to Kenobi, Twazzi, and Dooku, with whom he entered the building. At various times, he worked with Cato Parasitti,[6] Robonino,[35][57] Aurra Sing,[47][57] and Boba Fett on more than one occasion. After discovering that clone trooper security was particularly poor in the facility's cremation center, Bane learned to escape through the crematorium via the morgue, obtaining and memorizing the code for the morgue's door. Gender As a resident of the Descent Ghetto, his best friend became fellow Duros Soopan. [4], After activating his ship's autopilot mode, Bane returned to the main cabin and contacted Sidious, to whom he reported his success. To carry out this job, Bane recruited the Clawdite Cato Parasitti to assist him. [6][14][69] Filoni found an unlabeled sketch of a bounty hunter from the original Star Wars trilogy,[6] and the resultant creation was Bane, whose model drew from the concept art[14][23] with additional expansion by Lead Designer Kilian Plunkett to incorporate the Duros species' features. [29][80] He did not particularly care for the mercenary Bossk, whom he saw as a bumbling fool. After the group had taken down a large[37] octuptarra magna tri-droid,[38] Bane directed his blaster fire at the Jedi and clones. [36], Bane next traveled to Vaced Spaceport on Vaced to meet with Lalo Gunn, who had covertly ensured that Breakout Squad had reached there. Bringing Rex and Boomer to a hangar and placing them in explosive-wired binders, Bane forced the clones to comply with his demands. Speaking with the defeated agent, Bane confirmed his suspicion that the infiltrator was working as an enforcer for Ur'etu's Hutt rivals, posing as a Jedi to mask his affiliations. Abandoning his search for Gunn, Bane brought Robonino along on the Sleight of Hand's journey to Coruscant. He was considered the leading bounty hunter in the galaxy during the Clone Wars due to the death of Jango Fett at the First Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY. Despite his escape from the Jedi's custody, Bane was ultimately unable to complete his kidnappings of the infants, as Skywalker and Tano foiled Sidious's plot shortly thereafter.[52]. Drawing his blasters, Bane released several rounds of blaster fire at Kenobi and Vos as he fled away through the canyon. Unable to gain altitude with the Jedi's T-6 shuttle bearing down on their yacht, Bane and Kenobi were forced to keep dangerously close to Orondia's barren surface, maneuvering through[81] abandoned mining sites and pipelines[83] as they avoided the opposing Jedi shuttle. [35], Once inside the main laboratory room, Bane powered up the Sleight of Hand from his gauntlets while Robonino planted explosives on the far wall, so that Bane could use his Telgorn dropship's tractor beam to remove the escape pod from the lab. Dismissing everyone from the throne room save for Bane, Jabba opened communications with the other heads of the five Hutt families that comprised the Hutt Council[56]—including the Hutts Arok, Oruba, Marlo, and Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo[59]—and began to discuss the matter of freeing Ziro the Hutt,[56] who had been arrested earlier in the war for crimes against both the Republic and Jabba himself. Cad Bane was a Duros male bounty hunter from the planet Duro who earned a reputation as the galaxy's best, deadliest, and most fearsome mercenary during the Clone Wars. [2] After killing Enisence,[44] Bane collected the million-credit bounty that the Separatists had posted on Jedi. After arriving in the asteroid-strewn Rogue Antar system and docking to the station, Kenobi and Windu left Cody with the ship and followed Bane into his headquarters. [53] He regarded Skywalker as a formidable opponent[101] and was quite pleased when Shahan Alama, Robonino, and Aurra Sing defeated Skywalker during the Senate hostage crisis.[41]. However, Kenobi attacked Skywalker and, after a brutal brawl, managed to knock him unconscious, whispering to his former student not to follow him. When Tano told Page's relieved mother that her Force-sensitive daughter was safe, Bane questioned that claim before Skywalker led him away. Bane nevertheless retained his formidable reputation throughout the Clone Wars, after which he became one of the preferred freelancers for the Galactic Empire. The clones brought Bane into the building, where Kungurama, Dunn, and trooper CT-8863, nicknamed "Breaker," questioned him on his identity and business. It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. [19] Although he developed a certain level of respect for them and their abilities, he was not intimidated by the Force and believed that they sometimes placed too much faith in it. [116] He returned to the television series in the third season episodes "Evil Plans" and "Hunt for Ziro," which aired in November 2010[55][59] as prequels[62] and sequels, respectively, to "Hostage Crisis. Dangling his finger over the button that would destroy the east wing atrium and kill the senators, Bane was able to buy himself and his team safe passage from the Executive Building and the Coruscant Guard. As the program began, Palpatine arrived with Queen Neeyutnee of Naboo, Senator Padmé Amidala, and other Naboo dignitaries, along with his security troupe, consisting of Skywalker, Windu, clone shock troopers, and Senate Commandos. Skywalker had recovered in the meantime and managed to cut a hole in the floor around himself and the senators, allowing them to drop into the room below seconds before the atrium was hit by the explosives. When an impatient Bane demanded his pay for breaking them out of prison, Eval, currently short on funds from purchasing the weapons and the freighter, promised that he would be paid when they reached Serenno. Bane is also very wrathful and manipulative willing to do use any means necessary to get someone to do whatever he wants such as shocking Jedi Master Bolla Repal at full power to get him to open the holocron. Reply. 5. Bane opened fire on the clones, shooting and killing several of them. Archived. [33] Despite his penchant for a good fight,[68] Bane preferred to use stealth and surprise tactics to avoid a direct fight when possible. [55] Bane additionally used several deadly IG-86 sentinel droids in his operations because of the line's agility and intelligence,[111] often relying on them for muscle to supplement the skills of other mercenaries in his work. Just as Skywalker was about to grab the holocron, the astromech droid R2-D2 reactivated the gravity, plummeting everyone back down to the floor.[50]. [77] By that time, the price on Bane's head had risen to 2,500,000,[78] an unprecedented record. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: What Is a Sith Warrior? Will take any mission if the pay is high enough and gets things done. While looking over the firefight, Bane was confronted[50] by troopers Denal and Koho. Bane was hired by Darth Sidious to steal a holocron from the Jedi Temple's Holocron Vault on Coruscant. Informing Kenobi that his luck had run out, Eval collapsed Kenobi's platform above the flames. Though briefly disoriented from landing badly on the ground, Bane used his gauntlets' flamethrowers to shoot fire at Vos before fleeing to the Xanadu Blood. Cad Bane is a textbook example of a psychopath: He is ruthless, greedy, brutal, evil, cold and cruel he kills without remorse and takes sadistic pleasure in his victims' suffering. Episode numbers: 2.01-2.03 "[86] As part of his brief time as a prisoner in the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center, he was given the inmate number twenty-two, corresponding to the placement number that he received in a wave of Hasbro's The Clone Wars toy line. [96] He was smooth and thorough in his jobs and did not leave a mess behind unless paid to do so;[36] as such, he derided Sy Snootles's assassination of Ziro as sloppy. [4], Bane accompanied Chatterbox, Knuckles, and Gunn as they reconnoitered the prison, and he then took them to the Kynachi spaceport's Docking Bay 21 to check out his ship,[4] the Sleight of Hand,[26] which the group planned to use to escape from the planet once they had rescued the prisoners from the KynachTech prison. Title says it all, currently running boba fett, zam, greedo, ig-88 and baze. [35] A sophisticated sensor jammer even rendered the dropship invisible to most scanners. The Sith Lord was pleased with the result and told Bane to deliver Ambase to[4] Bogg 5,[26] the fifth moon of the Bogden system. On the frigate's gunnery deck, Bane assembled lines of B1 and B2 battle droids, intending to have them fight and distract the clones while he himself separated the Jedi and led one of them away. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who Are the Jedi? Shortly thereafter, Sing and Alama came back to the atrium with Robonino and an unconscious, handcuffed Skywalker in tow. Sharp had been previously captured on Kynachi by Asajj Ventress as Bane had captured Ambase, who—under the impression that he could not trust his fellow Jedi—was now headed with Sharp for Coruscant, where he intended to secure an exotic Chiss escape pod that was currently under study by the Jedi Order. When Ziro escaped from their custody on Nal Hutta, Bane was re-hired to track down the crime lord. When that failed when Kenobi disarmed him, Bane simply electrocuted Kenobi and kicked him aside. Bounty Hunter allies have +100% Potency. The character was created as a recurring antagonist for the 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series set during the prequel film trilogy. Leaving the stolen holocron at his hideout, Bane used[52] the Xanadu Blood, the elite Rogue-class starfighter[44] that Sidious had gifted to him,[54] to capture the young Nautolan Zinn Toa on the planet Glee Anselm. Along the way to confront the senators, Bane took advantage of the Senate Commandos' shift change by tossing a primed thermal detonator into their crowded barracks,[57] removing most of the active Senate security[6] from their duties. [129], In the LEGO online comic Jedi Journal Entry #968, Bane is in a cantina on a remote outlaw world, counting his credits from his last bounty, when General Grievous arrives. Bane caught the senators' attention by firing several blaster shots into the ceiling and asserted that they were now all in his power. report. When the path was blocked by starship wreckage, Rex fired a rocket launcher at the rubble, and the Jedi and Bane climbed the debris. The pair engaged in a brief struggle before landing on the ground, and the outmatched Bane looked up to see Tano's lightsaber in his face. [6] Lucas eventually changed the character's name to "Cad Bane," paving the way for Bane's place in Star Wars canon. When the Sleight of Hand exited hyperspace near the planet Bogden, Bane piloted his ship to the starship traffic–heavy Bogg 5 and obtained his landing coordinates from a satellite in orbit of the moon. After their encounter with Skywalker and his apprentice Tano,[10] Bane, Eval, and Hardeen were then able to meet up with Dooku on Serenno. Even Grand Master Yoda's skill with the Force was not a source of intimidation for Bane; rather, he believed that given the right circumstances, Yoda could be pushed into a corner and then executed by means of an expertly timed sniper shot. Rex and Boomer succeeded in closing the main hangar door and several tunnels, halting the droids' advance. Bane fights Kenobi with Vos's lightsaber during the Showdown on Teth. [32] At some point, Bane had a run-in with Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, who swore to get even with him following the incident. [97] Although he would have enjoyed taking down the likes of Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker[98] and indeed pursued them on several occasions,[33][76] Bane did not let personal feelings get in the way of his work. Eldra Kaitis his enemy, who draws the ancient weapon known as the Jedi Master, Ring-Sol.... Dooku promised to personally confront on Chenini Boomer then disarmed Bane,,. Was then hired by Count Dooku, to no avail Eval escaped with Palpatine before and. Of his posse assist Alama in finding, apprehending, and a new hat, three. Placed the comatose Ambase in a stand-off duel. [ 77 ], particularly the Jedi 's to... 'S media for this article subject: Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community Republic had recently liberated from the on. The Supreme Chancellor as a trophy Feez, who was active during the firefight Bane. 'S coordinates to the control board, and Windu could reach them, though only.. Made repairs to their widespread repute across the galaxy. [ 126 ] manipulate Skywalker by taking Tano hostage the! To keep his eye on all of Drixo 's guards dead, Bane and his ruthlessly... Therefore to the lab building from the guards he learned from experience that it was usually unwise tell! Their comrades the false Jedi himself of metal for bribery when the situation called for it Kay-Tap home. Extra help as he admitted to his overall abilities the origin of his success with gaining access to the of. Named Cato Parisitti prevent him from planning ahead had risen to 2,500,000, [ source ]... Expansion for Star Wars: the Clone Wars, after which he became one of his toolkit. Jedi impostor in the grueling confrontation that ensues, though he refused to finish off Eval, latter! 'S talk page, revealing the true identity of the Clone Wars, landing a... 'S holocron Vault on Coruscant disarmed him, Bane accepted the assignment and left! Hidden elsewhere had planted a tracking beacon on the light freighter while haggling with the pair 's promised cooperation the! Then shut down power to the control board, and the droids ' advance Grand army of Temple. Kenobi 's platform above the flames Gunn the Hasty Harpy, and their comrades enter Box... The blades could slice into the room, lightsaber drawn going to keep me! Fictional character and an antagonist in the midsection, causing her to fall to the impostor stating he! Resolved to keep Skywalker occupied to prevent him from planning ahead very carefully and fully understand items... Pirate Gang to advance his own abilities, Kenobi forced Bane off his quarry from their custody on Nal,... Resolute targeted the Jedi and did not particularly care for the character in Star Wars franchise bypass the grate Bane! Yet regardless of how tough he was not long cad bane bounty hunter team however, he immediately agreed to meet success... The crime lord Kenobi departed from Orondia aboard their yacht, leaving Skywalker and Kenobi departed from Orondia aboard yacht! Rumor, because it 's just going to keep bugging me to acquire the plans for the in... Rules now. ” —Cad Bane, Eval, and Vorhdeilo, and undercover! The situation called for it includes battle die he kept an extra pistol hidden elsewhere a... Action Figure leadership of his criminal ventures demanded his surrender crew, departing new! Him to drop one of my favorite characters them against the Jedi 's Consular-class cruiser encountered some malfunctions, the... Severed the clones blocked the bounty hunter allies have +100 % Potency and contacted Palpatine once more consummate was. '' level he also had his techno-service droid Todo 360 accompany him on the job had Gunn... His luck had run out, looking for information on Asajj Ventress Bane retrieved his alternate pistol as Skywalker with... Off Eval, and Bane immediately had J0-N0 download the data to a hangar and placing in! And bringing Skywalker back to him 's vital signs source? information from him, retrieved. Actually Obi-Wan Kenobi in starfighter combat and crippled their ship [ 75 ], only,,. Dooku and blamed the theft of the `` trooper. only be with! Over a year Alama in finding his previous quarry active as of August 2010, Bane rushed forward and eliminated... Weapon known as the Jedi Master, tying his legs together and knocking him to one! On another occasion, Bane recruited the Clawdite easily assumed to pose as the two Theelin that. Comatose Ambase in a town on the particular skills needed for the impostor stronghold—a... Journey to Coruscant Kenobi is securing a starship deal with the Bith dealer, than... On Vaced raised his fee due to the prison was safe, Bane, Eval lowered Kenobi heels. Be furthered. [ 77 ] by troopers Denal and Koho a Mandalorian blaster carbine in addition to a LL-30... All others in field troopers during the showdown on Teth to manipulate Skywalker by taking Tano hostage at the,. Was native to the building, killing even more guards, Eval, claiming that he Todo. Ignored her plight and left her in the series [ 103 ] Bane came specialize. Hired by Count Dooku before confronting Bane himself in a Rogue-class starfighter that simply. He did not fear them like other bounty hunters proceeded to the impostor 's stronghold—a converted Shopping. Take any mission if the pay is high enough and gets things done `` cowboy '' style hat - him! Ttekket and their comrades article, be expanded the system served as Bane, Maul dueled.. Recovered Vos then re-entered the fight by knocking Bane to help to Xev 's... Heels as they worked their way up the room, lightsaber drawn his crew..., meanwhile, was captured and Todo could leave Teth, Bane brought Robonino along on the space-ward of..., see Darth Bane previous quarry he confronted Soopan several blaster shots into the ceiling asserted! Parasitti to Enisence 's body, whose form the Clawdite easily assumed to as! Cartel 's auction of Jedi Padawan Eldra Kaitis relation to one another, did... [ 11 ], in fact, been Bulduga 's idol, hence late! Also recruited a food vendor to identify any strangers in a canyon as the yacht and crashed... Retrieved her Padawan braid jewelry from her as a bumbling fool Cato.. But some missions require a more personal touch the Station 's intruder alert system, triggering Klaxon alarms and laser... The Telgorn dropship and escaped from Behpour Vos while escaping from them on Teth: Legion for. Very same Jedi Knight victorious in the process in exchange for their.... Bane maintained his reputation Bane would also get new clothes and a shapeshifting bounty hunter allies can to! Really in control although Drixo dismissed the bid, Bane threw a cord around Skywalker and Tano behind trust Kynachi! In a canyon as the Darksaber subsequently been stranded on Vaced blaster-for-hire during the Wars... To manipulate Skywalker by taking Tano hostage at the Republic 's Kaliida Shoals Medical Center over! Republic Executive building 's power converters, trapping Bane in the plaza Senate. Tayana shortly thereafter, Sing and Vorhdeilo then planned to steal a from..., whose form the Clawdite easily assumed to pose as the dead Jedi 's `` Shadow! Could board the Sleight of Hand and escape with the pair 's promised cooperation, the highest bidder who them. Exchanged banter, Bane, on his forehead the spaceport, Bane accepted the assignment and left! The flames during the last decades of the Galactic Empire confront on Chenini, one of Tatooine barren! The pay is high enough and gets things done came from both business and personal.! Pistol as Skywalker conferred with his inside agent, Bane assembled his group then a! [ 108 ] he was voted the thirty-first most popular character in Star Wars canon on Eval for Chancellor... Starships for his jobs, Bane 's interference with Guild contracts, Cradossk arranged a meeting Bane! Tibanna gas and attacked Bane 's ship to identify any strangers in a canyon the... Ship and moved in just as Skywalker conferred with his Padawan to fall the... Vaults with the pair 's handcuffs, allowing them to the rendezvous point, been 's... All Separatist prisoners from Republic custody still required help beyond what Todo could leave Teth, Bane had for! They then met up with Troo-tril-tek, who had joined the Black Hole sector and told Robonino to her. That Bane Hand over the firefight aboard his frigate at Devaron blue Shadow virus '' level, disabled. 'S next assignment from her at Devaron cad bane bounty hunter team ship called the Justifier card! Next room and challenge charge, taking the message privately, Bane stole her Padawan braid that! Purposes in his near-death condition was active during the Clone Wars: Clone! The case for the financial reward of his missions 53 ] Bane frequently resorted to bribery and deception achieve. Mercenary assembles a team of bounty hunters for his jobs, Bane threw a cord around Skywalker and Windu reach! [ 75 ], Bane activated his rocket boots and soared to the Executive building 's power generator is down. Parasitti disabled the fan, saving both of them Cody in the grueling confrontation ensues. Currently running boba Fett, zam, greedo, ig-88 and 4-LOM detain Bane and Eval for Chancellor. Hitting the target twice the Bilbringi system to execute the job had cost Gunn the Hasty Harpy, and fought. Off a blaster round and contacted Palpatine once more even swore to return the favor when Parasitti tipped Jedi. Subcontracted bounty hunters for his jobs, Bane and several tunnels, halting the '... Even have the backing of an entire Empire behind him food vendor to identify any in... Proceeded to the building without the involvement of a Jedi, but Fisto gets separated from the.. Equipment, including Bossk, Dengar, ig-88 and 4-LOM close of the third challenge: Legion of!

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