advantage and disadvantage of portland cement

Portland pozzolana cement cement is finer than ordinary Portland cement due to pozzolanic action. It has high thermal mass (moderates temperature). PPC is economical and costs lower than other materials. Type II (MH) A: Similar to Type II (MH), but when air entrainment is desired. 1316 Words 6 Pages. Gypsum increase the setting time of cement. 2. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cement Industry. Disadvantages: Cement is subjected to cracking. Initial setting time of OPC is faster than PPC so it is recommended in projects where props are to be removed early. Proper percentage of lime maintains the binding property of cement. Ordinary portland cement is a complex product derived from unprocessed common natural materials like limestone and clay. Portland cement is most commonly used. Use of air entraining agent reduces the effect … 1. Ordinary portland cement is an excellent construction material commonly used due to its excellent binding properties that give strength to structural elements. Soil cement is a mixture of Portland cement, water and soil. Excess quantity of sulphur trioxide also makes the cement unsound. The high amount of silica provides strength to the cement, but its setting time is delayed. Dual-cured: excess cement can be briefly light-cured for ease of use. In civil engineering industry concrete is the most widely used construction material due to its high stability and structural strength. Enviormental Disadvantage Portland cement is and will remain a major construction material of choice in Civil Engineering construction. INTRODUCTION Concrete is the most widely used material in the built environment. Student Name: Kwok Matthew Chun Wai Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for plants of living in an aqueous environment compared to a terrestrial one? OPC is used for rendering and masonry while sand is normally river sand, which is hard to control grain size, cleanliness, and quality. LH,Email

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