30-minute training without material to keep you fit on vacation

If you also think so, in this article we bring you training to keep you fit during your vacation.

Training design

The training we are going to do is an EMOM of 30 minutes. An EMOM ( Every Minute On the Minute ) is a CrossFit training format that consists of performing a certain number of exercises with a certain number of repetitions every minute during the minutes of the training. There are some WODs in which the EMOM ends when the person is no longer able to finish the repetitions within the minute.

We must correctly manage the time of work and rest since the faster we perform the exercises, the more rest we will have before the next minute begins but also the more we will get tired. You must find the right place to get to the end.

In our training today we will perform the following exercises and repetitions for 30 minutes:

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 push-ups or push-ups
  • 15 squats or air squats

If the number of repetitions is too high, you can decrease it until you find the right amount to help you keep up during the 30 minutes of the workout.


You can perform the burpee with or without flexion of arms, but what you should always keep in mind is that when it comes to joining, your feet must rest on the ground completely, that is, you should not incorporate yourself by unloading the entire weight of your body on your metatarsals (toes).

You can practice the exercise by breaking it down into different movements such as squat thrust.


To correctly do push-ups we must choose a surface as for regular as possible, and place our body as if it were aboard. If we were seen from above our elbows should form an angle of about 45 degrees to our body.

We must not forget to activate our core during the movement to prevent the spine from spreading.


Squats with bodyweight or air squats should be started by driving the hip back to immediately continue the movement by flexing the knees to exceed 90 degrees. Once the appropriate depth has been reached, we begin to extend the hip and knees until we return to the initial position. The arms remain extended forward during the movement.

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