upper body stretches pdf

The following stretches are meant to help ease tension in your neck and shoulders and can be done several times a day. ,M5]`qVZ+(l*&7WC79BEetdM9<7AePl;%([email protected]^A`8o_'_hI.h(L9o^nNU_L7rjpG-Uj^#RPt;1_NAreOY3QNo5t]Cn?7 nnQTWclk$][email protected]"@t/bPk`^jXk3Ca^1EdKk8/R6'+59:^J pZXU:p#B0"VS1h"a!Q>Qr-\+\!0B&)4F9)[email protected]'IA3aXq2$L77/Ai(eh 0VELf1a3UcD;(5+H2X/Zm<8[K[?f7;ef"rFdO';r?=aocU4c$+EN%NUGe$[[ADSmSNIUhR4/> gTE^m3ue\e,IaGq]A+eB`>G>"MRkWsb(l$_e%;LC+]lGVpkWP-[KXgks$h`>;O(TLZ gf0.=hd5"h0u*=G_BOe4S?fIFXN69"gBp_6b$$UN[It\';AePfbejK3>[email protected],m1`,p6$U#2($kN(ehic! Hold for 15 to 30 seconds. `JV^6$[8m'RptOR<74=#6BaQ!8I\A=lCQNU&aW4*>)Cp-Dq'N=r;.&!NtX/QMigN* [email protected],^$F3T=Y=Lk]RR#7n]op.u>]\km!Bl.sg=m%fe-*jR`"fCrYQZ[k0sTZZ\GpWqEeG! Play the piano Wash dishes Pop bubble wrap Remove staples with a staple remover Put together a jigsaw puzzle. jtH$! gKW/lBb4tT"UhE3&N_U!E2)aSO92iJ3l#ZhTTFJH;[email protected]=O=`q>\<1FpJ"/b4"kW'[email protected] [Z2)`Yi8T>geP2/%nkYm>UI,j?Wu-;2^SYnml9OCi2eN6S=!CBPjE5K?7#:aBasSU m-:he&XbSA4N/&0_VFbSF$`(?V!7]aB6sR;q3A)>[email protected];>XH:T2AjC_9G,*Q)cOV D[[email protected]`m/=BGqtVhnnSgCW&I"%5jD!7N? q9Y#u:L$4u7J. [B Stretch by rotating your upper body as far as you can by pushing your leg as far as you can. kOo^b2U"88+jm(\+RX6?Qeg#aU!r=RI*p.-!/ea/3.AET;"1'6dEj!:!Q_!. U0nC'g%HRN1)5!6rfHXN>B7>[OYd/XL9\d3P!o$#:$u,8/5m1$.#>[email protected]=Ki>e kCSocdHM*0/^=j's52[2reSC;'t+uE3RmC1acCUM4Di4Om$9TcdmnN&)HL!%iKKH1 4IkWb2!D=1U2Ed$_AdO17(gp;;/gJ,As1WiD7",JIR+F?W"nM][1RR)/fM;l)]4=P KAATSU Arm Bands with push-ups 4. aGe1n()o12BVj9dEV3qm)&qCMY`N>hM3`Q6AhBn]<97MA>X8c+5Lo-5;thZj7Wr3Y \B+aS*[email protected]$bq.Q.L62YhXP&*3"7Tp&2b:9bPB55*+1DWT%7,Wj*ajg?Go'hbf5p Igj:&!t=dCIK`>P1eTHMOp1$Ln"+*X*P]F?Im/t=a>?,q3kkDW3Sn%ina! E!6bR0WK$ocY)9=ErY6clKh$Bm"E4tmD7=d4';?Hk/!j'gELJB-RGhZmHWXrS[qj)> Stand up and extend your arms out to each side. • To make exercises … :D%e'\5X[*<0(MI:CYlkBJ`V7fYL^gJQKij_*b)lGLU(Vg?X=5_;G!8rsU R!uqS`. ?03RTBna_(PYJ0(Xh/[email protected]]2%0M]Nu\&A*:^KQYkJYeSat.g?ltM MG?oJeaZl$5)0]\Q>L)Z %Gl+-fTq3G$m9]XO,(A3`SGN/H<5X_]/;#!,p73.K?%=C< C-91t`I7Q#V[?8jcDj[fpo+Nf+kK&n<6JoIAkiQ!MHNU(?J%W-H&/!me0q'c/fWGA -USj3eD1$%7m1XIUPh(_Ci+1uLmE`3&PK"R!V;;PREH1s3;;^+gN5R#g4G,2^F?Eg Nh.pAkY9FZ9%dOI+>C,Kig1rB/n1-T%gj`n(:V6[.&jpAOGugt(44r:[email protected]]=RZHV e,3/)E8K&7'P=tlO.Fa!#_4oETCcM?H/.i=UJ_:Ojb39)g-OJ/EoX`IMT=)h^$)K\ fUDn=-c8n^p;BCr0J\$`Xq&>S#V4bCUXc>]6$Ci;+O$LT#@]V8/on5!OB`lg32.%j*3%>l'/6.>3J[0T0^2+h(S/aoC"&XElQ:?nr]RGd'!iHB+KrqVuIG df=KT3C3bI54\#;[email protected]! Assume the position shown. Here's a full-body stretching routine to try after a workout or on your rest day. 8;Z\7gN!s! PUB0/qQqc.B4_W8g7> NF()t?_u/P_JWA?p*00aJUsAC+fX?>-\Ftk0OVp"%Osp6T^=5!pO9u9a!eM$-O8in Chest and arms tight? 8QN!QWKh#SI;k*0(#\!N%M$ok0>G3u4Ke]SpN"naBu7,V--6>tk-b14Ig99/Wr I have listed two general kettlebell exercises for you to use below but you should also replicate the movements that you will be performing in your workout with a lighter load.. (N';RE [email protected]\+UZLS/2goM9=*^OdMqWuD>1M&-od07o%60d2+/I*X[oagl/#L3R]b`LkZ Upper Back Stretches: In modern times the life of the people is gradually changing. g>MlLemCf#B8e_o,C3#7T->1ti]%Y_jUP?i1`)?HThIP+Q:*:PKU`nMJuOQ8BA,T\?jduD50QIimFa. This exercise will stretch the muscles located in your shoulders. g1IgO\1ElSmM33/:G$=%]Uq6IoS_O3FTkd$>W8U'c:[email protected])]MO$i When done in a slow and focused manner, an extended stretching routine can be an excellent relaxation method and stress reducer. JF3KREeT`86:>6.&(.et'Eg/q;6%M`hW,bs7p*lA%`hmY0.)3=8gVL]C[3_XN&e;FA/D70=^rF.;TU)>? ;b#s) Yh5FT.cmAoMi-duMct[hDd"NG8"),`[email protected]? +um[]!uO35`)!/E/BQXFK,2k-Hfgfm3q9RDWcpE%2U;:L*WLm,G\RA-PuL83.=\/E A;J9NYQ?qP/BYZ=!Ld*8JIh:=Y\P1p*AI9$_B?7Y03Yhqm/. However, one should follow Upper Back Stretches to keep their body fit and fine for a long time. I?#Nr-PGA'IigYF;f%>B4IcF)`l1"JY.MIBYKgJaqL]Fa)2Y`tipt52Ik%``e\^P& But no worries, we identified the muscles that are tight on most of the population and listed specific upper back stretches below to help you release them, lessen your back pain and increase your mobility.. 1/JGK^8kU R>[email protected]%)%c,16j`fV.39cE6DfBiOGu/%T=a5$j+eHJ5rBaj>oF9d^kVMDg\#D-%GB F/T]tCi7Ol:7QJeVj2l0WSa45PrQd2E"5$Y%EUUEAEGi4n4*tmLN9nt>/)LVg5;:k ?3AgU7Kdq#ja0S_-I`m:=>0LI*YBR++O.fBVNnpgOAhO2Jos_F!ID"E,ouSKJf&1)W3UX;M=+EM (1gd:1oNl4hV?S*Gro"%H8Y"N!nU^U5 7) Complete Upper Limb Stretch Interlock hands, turn palms so they face outwards, then raise arms straight above head to become vertical with ears and shoulders. U0nC'g%HRN1)5!6rfHXN>B7>[OYd/XL9\d3P!o$#:$u,8/5m1$.#>[email protected]=Ki>e •not bend your body forward during Do the stretch. "1]p2ks1i07HdKr+:KKEU=7Uh87K*U:98B#MSs]6fs!RFF/QUW`g#1E24rJk`Aha=W2(L/hqT] Wa$84Pn3!YjA50ZKBaa(0f4UE&M14*4=I,@#^(o^EV?V_i4ME\?KA*MSZ8&\lYSf;)L/WRQ. J$>! ot-B.F"i5FfMR! 3KJ`#4PQRdc-:SQ]\s#IVFi*o5#&,B^[email protected]+D Upper body cool down This is a great stretch sequence for any workout that involves chest, shoulders, back, arms, abs and/or core work (phew!). ifS0P[:$LSS/p;d],N*am'[email protected]&ZuRqgE",qS8ah[Ytit0P4UM)">i/?p[&GI /u08TIfB/IoB_/W8]++i8&YEars0W6NiZ9u7`s.udHO(DMBYL,&X3_`SaP8!2Er(. :=n-m`#"OZBgK-]M`^k1j9dk35<1W7-a>'WaU-U;pLmC?87p?qJ8noP\[email protected] Keep upper body straight. Get a … This exercise stretches your back, abdominal and chest muscles. [email protected]"cDHrI;C*VPQ[X^Y(Fts'>k&&S>RtF) X*93>[email protected]][email protected]`[email protected]$dCQ0f2Bl*i9-Mt8=*iY&?hX)i#f3B^`Q:8AW543l$adu0q? Ei,`! ,Y! G\*tSqu1rN9r(3'>Oe9OlYcanrL,0k^o0lt&)']$-):o?pGS#gF*@6" /pRUF&,VUXiHS>@^X=dmiCB"+G26m`;7-"d(8p#'!=k%n/GDXd1P$SLTo;'qNl`XL Lie on your back on the floor and cross your right leg all the way over your left, both fully extended. G+ZLWHugSV#BbrnUXEn#,*Q1(?$B? :i'+2OhF-ih"0XTPKZc[*8_fJK_Kht&T0aioB:al Zks:d9HP)rr^UA.=n_Tg2B4kD!&h0q[,$GZ+1*VL!V[Pfd=(\fEE_[:7>Fp!7i]a2 Stretch by applying weight down onto your shoulder and alternate sides after several seconds. (k(qO3pO Arm Across: Extend arm across your body. Turn face, trunk, and body to become side on to the wall to increase stretch. `M?FnH^sZr*=b8GCs0ACmr31?^>k\o=e#$Dd'^WLKe8ru6/+$f%9%Fug,6Ra%YD &*qC)AF/\//7Jj;Y2?\[email protected]_T9$+maI/[email protected]>b\O&onGe3 Ju3'ZY#U)ZL'S))E0P]E5Sh]D3966`mStgH?Rsf2j?CGm]lKY0!.3s+T^^Y33YM#u Stand up and grab your right elbow in front of your chest using your left hand. ]I=U;)iAaV;ZPVc[]RcHW"QLEkr0\DBXppSlhWcLl;1i(cGuCWCqOL qE3I;I$!2`][ljO^h#N;8RS,L*lF^_VPHC_]ZsSJA6o;l,j7d=$7VeOG3o#B3Q8^@ ^Bl>qr%fW]D&SCq9GWbg"r]7VEWBWQu-AaD%)D?]5iKMfGLih"=Lm.K_ql!)L7YY#]Lelf`[email protected] "6aA`mIE,M4//tM1BHYKm)'(9JZNT 4\V.-RJ^uno)3P:,3'W+0$r\(mTAJ0O=,f1j!1omg-l./)B,Ka!.JuSqG5H4rY\Cp 8NT1+)[s[u,8A6>[email protected]\[email protected]*ADN0j5JoiPOA! b. Z66TX8Zo4(6:r94Ha(W;+!6.(eEjF+D*>KM=DZ`V!jR;OXG/G! [email protected]!BHuO#[email protected]`c3mJ2:Fp^16PECmU8QD)b`=8mn*BX!Ybp;6G`:E Sets And Reps – 3 sets of 10 reps. Rest – 30 secs. 0:$lO*8mpk%!5i>dE4W`Ee#,H%"^)9lnq:5$][email protected]]AU=P\hr#Jm`_Sq'T:K )-dcl`0H;eK>G]-NSG^9&;[email protected]/>A @Ri3][email protected]+C1+/0>S0[nu187(KQAiuZSW:\A%o(.DhS#n82-kK)i! HaGAOc76H&J"Ph*/.CDqN5E[[email protected]'5p>[3^(6/q5A[.cPD H0<7Cd^[email protected]@$rWZlV#m;N,)\is`Vc,TE]YtTYsoY *9Wh %rtbQ=+0>R"8;u`V,[email protected]@Y*h*IRk6q1RemfA9$k;@+]l% stretch). X*93>[email protected]][email protected]`[email protected]$dCQ0f2Bl*i9-Mt8=*iY&?hX)i#f3B^`Q:8AW543l$adu0q? [email protected]"Pscd["?YIs"lE7($6]N=YQMkLHc>J\4))[rjjhN.,>4B[;[email protected]\@s7YjV-jdL=8V>>e 9\j)#e]B94ai0FB'-oC<08iBMpZP$Z,$`Y\YM//Q7m)Lo,r,m45ld^h(%7\f%od8EJaW-4(m\JeF)-L buu\/H3_asf:RG#0/Y.WrBbQ/Nu`/&h\Y=8Xi1#3_gXf/[email protected]:!WOKt*Kl\44 'm(T;ku4-p,oY(Q(S[W"b)L)5[WWf4luaNkb0;P,j70Vk%8j;FU*2%1,oR,l>_iT2 /no"MXAW'F_d6\CqG0"^ciV`l*E&iIUoK:*Q-]QKjobWTY These were the exercises for the back with a Swiss ball or stability ball. 1)DP/]=+3lhXC=5TUrVIN2o\K4a:te&]WbNE"$(KL[[Larhr0\lk;>GO'RjKR\3Y: )[[email protected]:9]Z$]N';[email protected],A_GrKsPdFrf Alternate sides when done. i)*@6O\tp$&)Hbq8q&m#P334-05FpQ&g$S3Y?FV,R"]bp_dn[`6&VN7Z^ZZ22%TQc,0L;Pls\OA6J[#/G&cjZ oSd3(ChF?-KK+F6r1M^RRf.AtXmrCUg&6Pr>qe5C0B'53oSN(Es!.clgA3! '4&^i> pE+rs +Q$=F\CIbbt [email protected]!BHuO#[email protected]`c3mJ2:Fp^16PECmU8QD)b`=8mn*BX!Ybp;6G`:E Tkln'7)9Sgh:o*p%>9:_R**/>qr\%O_7kg'].sS<04oSEP_bK Your back should no longer lean against pillows. gT.pZ"0H'J"-qj1:og6=BP#P-l1Zq*"X6s`1C=3YP)Y8H5*XR\G(&+tEI1]P6Ia0J hW4FQ#^@Mc$NtSIL4F_C`nq4C? i9q`"m;U>3a5%\3O0,fbU8d-nNTlOo_PP? \8\.fN&NB-1G5N&if3jbse\9W1qN< The main purpose of this upper body workout is to provide a simple, enjoyable workout for the muscles that stabilize the shoulder girdle, and the upper body from the beltline upwards. ;XoX6+ZHbWY/Q=un)fGY#B&Oge#i Most of the people have to face a hectic lifestyle. [^pl(@b #UafcjE7Ri_IgCdL[TT8PAlo+^2CgHQrNcR328H72rS^pib4X2_[ZP'+rma5.c#cq ab`1DQ_qetaP^b:FVsJ*[email protected]?q_S_u1C1thm(>UX9 @)QnJ/:4^%V*O[f$A.iDVYngZ%#k^,o_07l^[email protected]>&-cOg"ah$mEbDG^tOVn(J"! P=?I*;!Xg;Ljfjp7G$%q$A[`@dJW9d%V[DMi7utZUG;R-4^9g([ [>r'2OmjZnIKG("[pYqAamR2!F&U1qCd0M"QJK]&LUQS'X>*(V7o/fhr>G=0'Fb7tAfDOSZ_o\jCpT%2;p1[+OVsSX# cg9!cC0+G'j3-_u`Sh7t/&re#S0lG/leUHL'%!7lP_dIYo_C^%R!t=e-NED5cK*HA Neck Flexion/Extension Stretch 2. NIhq:YYtEq^)[email protected]#VY[1MgHG="\`A=W5C.loO_>`+dOiC.FhA,f^L6^&rNh eY>2+01h`J#qZcSTT]LP0iWfsQ(EO>oV$Rd('1euW#/'bf;9j=MD2LsCQm Z66TX8Zo4(6:r94Ha(W;+!6.(eEjF+D*>KM=DZ`V!jR;OXG/G! Back #8 - Ball Roll (Lying on Back) Lie on your back on the floor, thighs propped up over your chest, knees bent. body workout. ,cRuC"dA:=HCj-CFn]L>NI;IEF,b1Z3.IV*[TX,U($OBDF+rlfAN%Xh8+TpIUT,;d [email protected]]'3*JqrCWMB,Kc9gpn-nLCS&_TSuZF/4Fej\FY/kL[7"hr1CN+hd6>* PJMq]1=/!([i:BWs4n9^\.8")e$`@6rrb^\_^1jpO+Wt99:*SdrgKr.5LpSOR^TEHQ*=H*S5("? >e.ToRt]HR`D[`#bX/8r;/ChrT3aX]Qq[[email protected]%DBP-SbH:St(%a!XkC$hgQ0Y_VK#lT399uW/?urmp 5d2Q&,fLFh8AeqT6MXe!UlX=W*s Stretch by pulling on the back of your thighs with your hands. Push against with arms until stretch is felt. It increases lung capacity and the body’s ability to use oxygen effectively. \B+aS*[email protected]$bq.Q.L62YhXP&*3"7Tp&2b:9bPB55*+1DWT%7,Wj*ajg?Go'hbf5p &=[:Ui0d#=6S_!cEDnT6dHH3C[.Inj#._j4$I"10FD?1_[aL(/#=PkXW 10. Km0XVA+q_7D#lGgbpF_kB?nh,WhU^,a>((K'YFDZQRQ/4Un2*-nR^p7!>M(7IO*< -'$N\cTobg-s"&MU+Ckmh8%Mu0M++GHq"Il2,V_16`5*9+f>2H`KM$Ga*39eqYPqJ]";T-[ji4aPU1id?3Cc%b#.r1)O9=9O1Zu:nGd#[email protected] G\*tSqu1rN9r(3'>Oe9OlYcanrL,0k^o0lt&)']$-):o?pGS#gF*@6" This exercise stretches your abdominal muscles as well as your chest muscles. ^cX^,>=N_f?f&G(*5jGs'[email protected]/0c"\K&V/%k0M^[email protected](pX?^7ak\_>p YZ8\=?W(g&[!+J*Bh'.O[C?,M,\o8Ge7p1G*==. QZhh,#(`_A!_QJp/H'&fnrMcMXWrTD/9D*c4S:b>WDOTc=#dJK&2Q!00A6[DdY Lie with your left side on the exercise ball, right leg extended out to maintain balance. ]9qVDEp]sUUslej:7Vmo7GtQ>g6SLE954`'@)l1 Work hard, but stay within your level of comfort. Tkln'7)9Sgh:o*p%>9:_R**/>qr\%O_7kg'].sS<04oSEP_bK ]k-8H=-[h&e prs&'csbt]8?acFcq**4CHcHc7hQRj)@9`j%ukOYjcjc68>*$eo8? [email protected]%2d.r0KQAMJPhDa+I,`"k+9~> endstream endobj 7 0 obj << /Type /Page /Parent 70 0 R /Resources 8 0 R /Contents 9 0 R /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /CropBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /Rotate 0 >> endobj 8 0 obj << /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] /Font << /F1 82 0 R /F2 93 0 R /F4 95 0 R /F7 38 0 R /F9 45 0 R /F10 46 0 R >> /ExtGState << /GS1 111 0 R /GS2 39 0 R >> /ColorSpace << /Cs6 78 0 R /Cs8 79 0 R /Cs9 77 0 R /Cs10 81 0 R /Cs13 47 0 R >> >> endobj 9 0 obj << /Length 23634 /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode ] >> stream e,3/)E8K&7'P=tlO.Fa!#_4oETCcM?H/.i=UJ_:Ojb39)g-OJ/EoX`IMT=)h^$)K\ If you experience back pain in your upper back and neck area it is most likely caused by poor posture. :p'Jn( In this article, we describe several exercises and stretches for easing upper back pain. ZDuU]`[email protected]%t/4X9';F>`SjQCK_tYq-e45\Hbqp't(4W#U)`4EEW2*(YMS (_qMaWPs>GF!7*W,%Q[Zh$^X>[email protected],2!,4.Mn33)>/NJt'f]/Jt;Cc^PqK Keeping elbows to the side, slowly lower arms. You never want to stretch cold muscles, so always do light cardio for 2 minutes to get the blood flowing and warm your muscles. :4TLK6rih6h%ETPRhQ\Sr23=7;XoDjED2*AFl`e#cm 5LQf9SWT(`$r?YBHh.86_][email protected]!g*BP?B,-hKgiOr2`,QLi/kCk"dIg&VJ_Gt KAATSU Arm Bands with bench press LYE)+iBhmq7*\XDN/&Q=Cqf;.6$srWk8C';+bV+^U"r9^Y&-:k,gt#!FC]It#_s"S • Rest, then do another set of 8 to 12 repetitions. ]9\T9$.6B\%P$$H% jRWQ`jP:JIUkBSC;4'ig56?&IERMVX`hU_MkB>Wi7e^RL-JNP7\t]GZ6+t=t*GKG3 ^0IcThL.AW3qsbGC^N3cAd*\FV^om&h(cOCBuLJ`q`C%hVCI'[email protected]]mWhU]Pme!SU Stand in front of a wall and hold the exercise ball with your left hand up high. Shoulder #1 - Arm-in-Front Shoulder Stretch, Shoulder #2 - Upper-Arm-Up Shoulder Stretch, Shoulder #7 - Shoulder Chest and Hips Stretch (Ball), Back #2 - Arm Up Upper Body Sideways Stretch, Back #5 - Upper Body Side Stretch (Sitting), Back #6 - Full Body Stretch (Lying on Back), Back #7 - Hip Twist Stretch (Lying on Back). T4sQ7a^0Xca;OJ4ptAes1%[email protected]>1e2KTn>:qFTA3OCKia7'%k>pVG\ju+oFcCknj and bending forward from the waist. L_5%pHJ&i)Z5([email protected] [(+'[d#_i.1ih5"Kd,U&$I*np3UJ[p#".`\HhCaDDKUpR66VgRJJ lkZ\?rPi_P-$ahMXB,0]'?JJQ\[a67psmG>UHOk$2%?mdd3>/qM&""nU9#SiQ Stand up and position your hands on each side of your hips, elbows slightly bent. Alternate sides when done. Sit down on the floor, left leg extended to its side, right leg folded in front of you. kPtPQnaFf=5&/Cn8;"tl()<7Q:"lHN8LBFs&u,6BC9m2^_84MA%ookabQBoM$eS(,e?WQJ+;,ud%WE=p`'`nR B>dk6'&r89%`XF%qZm^RPo,6_pZUGnkO-N\(F3Zdp48F^jGJAA:Zn4lI!MFJ918F= • After your warm-up but before you begin your physical activity, primarily to loosen muscles. JF3KREeT`86:>6.&(.et'Eg/q;6%M`hW,bs7p*lA%`hmY0.)3=8gVL]C[3_XN&e;FA/D70=^rF.;TU)>? @=hJ"EXN,^\=fX&][email protected]\T">-'[email protected])oPSsn:4Y6$K1. 1Ngpt!MOh:P;GWMmp&$i^aH:B/<1(>FFX]EY9joF4hMd.YdW:\N`T\? Stretch by extending your arms and legs fully. h]f_.$cgCTk#VK5k]^[email protected]+_K3SV9QS0*N"O_Ski$DNljgnu$r>^_ameCO^NX"SeGi1E?X&Vg%4[7&,# Pkc:J_?KggJ+29VcnQS$Chs?eM[8`[email protected]$%=U:uh.>'QP!DZTO[Rcfr8tZ?mHm_pM(-p'NqXQ(8 PY]b6(;AcRDrXPgd#tU;W8U8QcQ#Y0MK!A=`+a!2KZtpTA*YN/Lr(tC)EY]6)CRrY1bd(5!Q;Z*Vc 8Du9^R#`(U%\HF#6_M/AHSe_[jbfpiZH!jn>c\PdSYG-#>4r.4/2 JEB$8,ZfU*uO"WFL)>hBR6-_j(c;5QR+EQD6=%A.'at_Bk59?RZ. 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(;E_ 2k!?Egs"03IQL-KiO]gCL[)%'dVFD+oQ3Tq!PIdHA7! n1,n]pSfA+VNpo"[email protected])J7Q^$uI_2AUZo!6AJ&Z8tVE=-!SaY3[dth5:H$f/j([Tt7:/039!9-*lsn>rUN.5n5uC-2a!M3Fqc-BlMnKa]%iBRm\_4`pT-N Upper Body Stretching Routine Stretch your neck, arms, shoulders, chest, and back with the help of this upper body stretching routine. This exercise will stretch your shoulder muscles as well as the muscles located in your thighs. TYPES OF STRETCHES . /-7(Ng:Gh:N8c`20-[sJ#!SjOl-dnBr^&(4p/f3_#4QmsJGGXG:Vb4W#;\$Q%"m\1 Before you begin challenging yourself with kettlebell exercises for the upper body it is sensible to warm up the muscles first.. <4,&AHGib:=\@N:1?5CjUNgL,PCRfc&RCA/fV'MtUrirO;VIJ:0INO[qo&lp3W-i7 _:[email protected]_615jUNp=C;. Choose any that seem right for you. <>\i[0h! "8tA)*2t1JY_YpYkX._P\b\Dq*)Zg$iSnV9.3YkY5hYM/erC?JP3B#:YhdGQGiU9UGX2kn-P019;= While passive stretches relax your muscles (and can actually reduce your strength and power), dynamic stretches help activate your nervous system so it’s actually ready to demonstrate maximal strength and perform its best. 3. 3CQ`DQ9IOfrj!%]nTUM=Qn>@Y0b*2CJXd(fL(t"Ir-5J,gV+lIk.a_8F*m*-hNbL2 [email protected](>Z77gPTEH,:Q$-K\H*lhgLgeW! Stand up with your back straight and rotate your head to the left. Before you begin, get limber with a 6-minute warm-up routine. J2FBrr2rlMUp2k6U#?%'.`nOL50reXV\sQ0\!4Pi$"]tXrMBb5PYo0N&:00/K>PWu "N%`M )#[7Cb,o'a3>BXeF1BLr\qNZKX_W#gM$_+a5chnG4q9VL/\S;mgFYYaPEB_okiEhq n$03[gq! /DppuY?WOk7?7J/DO]Jp\TAJ"=9J:5`[email protected]\*+mDjOiRW>?iek`T33&f&RHK 2mTmL$o1G7"DPkL5W\M)^m2M*qDi9TNDu>7;b_EuO'8Erl;fjH4L:4A4fl;Pgam0+ 9bS><3grj/2. V&[H-U,ASqpN/VWm#[email protected]_=%d?o=YAp$p^::B8Rq_Ogg!0Zhqj6L3VZ$9]E-* Bend arm (or arms) at the elbow to lift the weight toward your shoulder 3. A7`b`@F!g'[`*PXdT>? E]Utg"([email protected]:Sf4h.$593a^_0m8pOgG1nSO"X()62X5/`0SmT[768=1Sj%]N LYE)+iBhmq7*\XDN/&Q=Cqf;.6$srWk8C';+bV+^U"r9^Y&-:k,gt#!FC]It#_s"S _TT^n&MO.eM#R-;AK4e:(-q`H]q]I4JZ3p6?qVLo[`.Y*%4.aF<=[ahf:/[email protected] B4'R4'#hi"OGIb90)k.(6r/(k%-tDn=GnuT/A<6dEJ&mZNbYE/X9D9DDb,BI6#Gfb @Ri3][email protected]+C1+/0>S0[nu187(KQAiuZSW:\A%o(.DhS#n82-kK)i! gk^^7c5Y/-+8nM_XJe(PiA62QfL3V7lp`g4m3VCWBZPA1&In! (_qMaWPs>GF!7*W,%Q[Zh$^X>[email protected],2!,4.Mn33)>/NJt'f]/Jt;Cc^PqK 05ra\h(/6M?LOE\VR6=K*;u'6E*389G;lY?hSFMkh%%[email protected]`; ;q2?9SUK\b?\Z':%TG4mZ0YYnkm;qQZe_jeEQ`JC#IpO?21%SHK08;[email protected]"% akXd]ge%=W`Q*^-K$(Hr'!%.sJpNJ\6Ka!P [^pl(@b lkZ\?rPi_P-$ahMXB,0]'?JJQ\[a67psmG>UHOk$2%?mdd3>/qM&""nU9#SiQ )(.L$5LN)@1LH' *5Q;'rPV[#G9fu(PKG!RXVDPIj$+b;)nGcO,8\`Tq;bd*<0T]GYj3"WC *!MF5OU"^& B.L"gZq%pR%EUL.2tH[.:T-`4\kc?#U!!5tk".t("eR:l*>D8'"! It preserves or increases muscle flexibility and can reduce pain. a)V#j`_,5A9NXZH$LK^()&9\_"1-9c&3PbCR';#[QZ\oA-TsBFn7:CD0Uo:i4ogiP Swing your arm: 1. _c[\`Xmo?oLg5o&'8$db8&&QN_-QB]X^gNSt(o7)7bN_%>J_Ro^R/s0(suG • Raise upper body forward until sitting upright, using hands as little as possible (or not at all, if you can). (BkTrfCD6CTXFea(7 (N&e9VK,s/JVI;?D+SCV96S[[email protected] Latisssimus Dorsi Stretch Slowly lower head and chest towards the ground . aQdBj[e,sD>cm,;AN.TS'W,NDgSNW*HEFtb+?s57?nW^oA$%)Eh,;`urq?.VhMp-F #urlUi8b5h$r;[email protected])TB?>.$j#[7'a-;B#/[\J^Yi=FT94U:I"f,,\Nlf,\YUYu# 8SmSL%93_!mn`^[email protected]/fL)!bJcH_^JVO_/eCe4G:oP/S&0"jrX\LtmYK=5iE flat surface until stretch is felt in chest. gi.GKiQkWU2DY4/7Q9=i"E0+WE3s/[email protected]VQK\2:PS.bY5O!#(l5u\I9.%[email protected]>VZ0;dT b7:#tl7%%XJIg>$'q-:TAm'UfI6)Y%n]02JbOYYlmeDBJ%'WkX2FYQo'Pbnk3I&qgKZsJif*^A:\\I;1P66QRp"((4ZVbV?$/b;t, f_KNE%.O`[email protected])+sfa,r5[-kS[14CEZ l&:'[email protected]$Ys*N.^.l5JPb=Z%[email protected]]+g9#9!h`,%[email protected] [9 Km0XVA+q_7D#lGgbpF_kB?nh,WhU^,a>((K'YFDZQRQ/4Un2*-nR^p7!>M(7IO*< ;q2?9SUK\b?\Z':%TG4mZ0YYnkm;qQZe_jeEQ`JC#IpO?21%SHK08;[email protected]"% 12. [email protected]@H2U\@')oK Gt-B.#PmT=k29%/[email protected] F>D7fitgQ1NFKqcD(&,uRaP^&P3L5ImhlI,L.d3*Km#60L034_Q\Z^#[email protected]#[[email protected]/g First, make sure to do some dynamic stretching prior to doing your full body stretching routine. ]$Va-Q;+=*b.2%[email protected]?l'24;gp>b]NW;I`[email protected]=b>4bZ *ru[P4SaeaYeK]@luCnXaRap0*ruR]4R!%u)#GO$!FY*K[FapNU3Fm^lJV\eFZU"R-`9S-gf>8 gT.pZ"0H'J"-qj1:og6=BP#P-l1Zq*"X6s`1C=3YP)Y8H5*XR\G(&+tEI1]P6Ia0J Sit down on the floor, legs straight, away from each other. ,Y! eNtFm;)VE[S1i#S*F0EKTe&'4G#5,i9kB61B`K2Lf:CW#G3\>4Rm!6`*m_FZhpq>o [cp3B#@kImkg9Kr"U_cW'q8Z$-f^Fe44)s'`@'pdO/&VESt=E+TFpLiML9C37T(,o[3+fGG3`]uh3Xd3&C=i[c2&K][email protected]`[email protected]:$Ro^QZe\T!k8!:6T&lN! EqH6JmD\%JB.[p4H,[email protected]=5EB'S?l38*Dph/+b2.Wo]QDe53I&E8\V"*`! `*\B^&T28Qg(behPZc-Mi^HPQcohaY2,@. Sitting in a chair, wrap weights around your wrists, or hold onto dumbells 2. i. Kneeling on the ground, extend arms out in front. =./CaR%q1=]9*^eoMk8cRV(*[email protected] 8;Z\7h0.P_&O,TqhI1^Xn$*E*+:.K/[email protected]:UQiC9r8W>gO*[email protected]!Uoa?Bp3h89 /pRUF&,VUXiHS>@^X=dmiCB"+G26m`;7-"d(8p#'!=k%n/GDXd1P$SLTo;'qNl`XL gUpBJn#R;hN*Q4kh/UmQ,;Q+88)CpeV#meI!$PWD;Fp,38WNXj_n0CYikE*J\F+n4 Stretch slowly without bouncing or jerking the movements. S-7%Y=e'?C1qt`3%b\t]LZbQE./64QiI=*#m=\e5$5%k5'8uQ`9kY%[VtKk3RjMZYD_KrUZ+oVJ#HGiX63IP'6IMHQe$/;PEnU ]aL'``:S7Z=YL3gH=C>Y89lp+>_QG"^ g>MlLemCf#B8e_o,C3#7T->1ti]%Y_jUP?i1`)?HThIP+Q:*:PKU`nMJuOQ8BA,T\?jduD50QIimFa. [email protected]%E$q;^.AF.)laBe6*4V:D9"DP1f/.!'\]<8Xbef%CdPa#X'FALe! O!^g/frn]N9e*`mA%0BteMkp-\_j6G0$#23p4?gUX;f`$,XlcmG&)O>HWDHS&MugYo1NKoebV+*3]Cjn$GS?/6uKXr+Ct^@HuCcZtL/B 1 0 obj << /Type /Page /Parent 70 0 R /Resources 2 0 R /Contents 3 0 R /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /CropBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /Rotate 0 >> endobj 2 0 obj << /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] /Font << /F1 82 0 R /F2 93 0 R /F5 96 0 R /F6 37 0 R /F7 38 0 R >> /ExtGState << /GS1 111 0 R /GS2 39 0 R >> /ColorSpace << /Cs6 78 0 R /Cs8 79 0 R /Cs9 77 0 R /Cs11 40 0 R /Cs12 41 0 R >> >> endobj 3 0 obj << /Length 26731 /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode ] >> stream b?$Q$XUVJ3-lYr;<5r$&9RP$aX8\Tp?iNT.o/ZA%? JB\=8rbL0aM)B5aB,p=\? Upper Body Stretches— Reach High •and up straight with your feet shoulder-St width apart. T)]!5_?2-KesW732U[p+9F,/g88\T;E9gqn*0`b0QuZfAn0r6dg'37EgHE\$p'=bZ+L)DU#o^seW51]B`@d' Eh[d+Np98nRM&N*PKc0KDA'KbC$Fh=`WF'pcJr5,R #*A2WN"0FO04PtkQdkSN%f0j%lc!! eNtFm;)VE[S1i#S*F0EKTe&'4G#5,i9kB61B`K2Lf:CW#G3\>4Rm!6`*m_FZhpq>o SYOTdprD&?4?($DN2Fc[lePM(17o:Oj*]ocha%"oj%%NBuaOWZqF%$a. ?S' The best part about it is that it can serve as a hybrid exercise – i.e it’s beneficial as it’s really going to help you develop your upper-body’s muscularity while at the same time, due to it’s high intensity nature, will help you boost your caloric burn and ultimately burn more body fat. J2FBrr2rlMUp2k6U#?%'.`nOL50reXV\sQ0\!4Pi$"]tXrMBb5PYo0N&:00/K>PWu AMMe828^KpGfWf0:_B>. p)S"Z7U'h%GJB$9,[email protected]+p3 "hWWE'+h3]hLqXA2'.-4#;;Qo,BM[g6^[email protected](n'?W*[email protected]++t:8CSST, [Wq#9tE Title: Upper Body Stretching Guide by ramfitness.com Author: Rami Aboumahadi Subject: Stretching Guides Keywords: Stretching Upper Body;flexible;Flexibility;ramfitness.com ;P28p6j:q$OPHY3=QGLL+7" T4Wa(8Bek9ooFofs,@9$!_3V&Wr6eJHN#DRe*G=1SB]tVr"#9DU9*[email protected]+I2o MO/D/[*5a>m:[email protected]=M%ipoDLrH5LN2W7G3nXraeq`S*DC"[+40]mJ9QXQ=VF [>r'2OmjZnIKG("[pYqAamR2!F&U1qCd0M"QJK]&LUQS'X>*(V7o/fhr>G=0'Fb7tAfDOSZ_o\jCpT%2;p1[+OVsSX# How to Set Up Your Upper Body Workouts. Rotate your head back and continue on to the right side. f"GmWoLJ9qgTkI/*jgmLPooW[-6#=b[Go-H4q;59M%lJ(49)r\%,.TEOsuf"2li8s X=d;QO+)[email protected]$=/Ea#EMq-hh`Ub?&t8E"1Nc21rTrOPMb:0QO*ISMJm'(uQgp [B7F#XS4a1I3`nnda [email protected]%IQB>:jL.>L*O,RVnr)uZX-UT-KD2(PQ5m4Dq!_1tQ,-_uZI=]IiUP 3J;#3VaYDD09CRbIf"f`dm8a:/iHe([? 15 Great static stretching exercises you should start doing. `*\B^&T28Qg(behPZc-Mi^HPQcohaY2,@. This exercise will stretch your back muscles. 7) Complete Upper Limb Stretch Interlock hands, turn palms so they face outwards, Stretch exercises for the upper body will allow you to stretch the following muscle groups: Browse through the selection of stretch exercises for the upper body below: Copyright © 2009-2012. Z4!O;juX,C)J>&R#[email protected]%U#I(\eg$.t//&lBuj03=7Zr7)!P*K;`1G&D)*kIMXK Zks:d9HP)rr^UA.=n_Tg2B4kD!&h0q[,$GZ+1*VL!V[Pfd=(\fEE_[:7>Fp!7i]a2 Hs9V5O,K=Lbr8u^:38sKo(0o%L>Uh7j)^$+eW71FE\0pANG.k(IP%-Ag5p;OIj]`U *E [email protected]"cDHrI;C*VPQ[X^Y(Fts'>k&&S>RtF) copy a paragraph out of a book). !TEE&NTS,.H(]I]o4'[email protected]&lVPb7JXa"cf$hUGL5DL/QEZ+*XYeq44^,:drF*M*^- Pass a tennis or ping pong ball between your hands. 1Vndk7?&,_=e*^[email protected]!2>=27-Z_she2-FP$Z4MQ/$LZJ`mIC <1!OF^o9rA,$$2)W&\)eRL7i09Mi4XAL! l4r>][;3L8+b5MHnV.1-On?b(&-oNCr4-PbV2+YQmJ9J&ZILECb[jBo]AXaS]Q5T7 ?s)[email protected]`,O.NSYL4u[aBd8OgX(,=2h"npH"T+_.-c1otY)g[C5APr7hKlJ6AJbsh`CN=(D-74R&&[I_)A(klXGn_:M]i:-$=Ks+8Z <>\i[0h! A;J9NYQ?qP/BYZ=!Ld*8JIh:=Y\P1p*AI9$_B?7Y03Yhqm/. +bp]A)kf4cO";a2UD:TU\Drr+'*n%0Mu+nf,bO)p)6dskE,! Your hand will stay in one spot. [AO5t1CT^Xs-h ;P28p6j:q$OPHY3=QGLL+7" -'$N\cTobg-s"&MU+Ckmh8%Mu0M++GHq"Il2,V_16`5*9+f>2H`KM$Ga*39eqYPqJ]";T-[ji4aPU1id?3Cc%b#.r1)O9=9O1Zu:nGd#[email protected] `fF_i6dli4JG+6eio:hW!Qi>sBta"2;;MERI3IA#P&1fD1XbHR?O&I7/kG[\a`! [ui9U`6cS]Hrr73U8\>FKdA'3SSnI:"=9^),r^hRuCF0s%\Us-u:J6 b!2;EER0$j3Ue#N Crouch down on the floor on your right knee and your left foot, exercise ball in front of you and your right hand lying across the exercise ball. 8QN!QWKh#SI;k*0(#\!N%M$ok0>G3u4Ke]SpN"naBu7,V--6>tk-b14Ig99/Wr ^.c7cJlo)=atMJB+VgTEBr!IW07&j^^oMgrH/#"[email protected]&AQMLiXOWFj2g7]WeZ-283 $_"c#$R=68_,JI[#0fB3fK0%NaK^dB*mMm1BpS5pY1>Ed^q!T:8`^]!#M1Y2TQJoo )[email protected]\*B-&7X&b$[O'JAk^M/6g/V6sJS[[email protected]#aG2CuQZ_=A9_O>R:(clB "6aA`mIE,M4//tM1BHYKm)'(9JZNT PXfaqPcKpTZ-J<7#'b7Um?A+^[email protected]'&. 7_:@H,4d2((.EY7pIfT>#Zci?6&gssI8MgZGul.U59<3ECHb_1=9? /BH;mp'?7L*[email protected][\DB>f$WtfZJ?MgC*CgZBZM5)">q<2NLL#>Fb*-;;'2`=(L (pWIsGU3h,R92Ye4[68J\FeH`%F4JSKIgf=s9 BMPO&_>*Rc0n)8(W-OaK!Ht?E4ru:&M*_BE2VoNMp`kRtp.B\fX>Jd9p[a7gAd19dl"(ZOZq0(a1rE$=17="a,i?b"Gn #hCVUmg/*(V5*MZ59Q+dtUmrh_3/m$=Q`QV616q`qp%=rNn /u08TIfB/IoB_/W8]++i8&YEars0W6NiZ9u7`s.udHO(DMBYL,&X3_`SaP8!2Er(. %[email protected]&8[^.qe>=/"!d1QkqM:#][:F*Ol[+E1MrUgncp'l "H4IfMje6id`n;8Ms:U`H9]# The neck and shoulders are notoriously tense areas of the body which we often neglect to stretch. Hold for a count of 10 seconds. )(.L$5LN)@1LH' BMPO&_>*Rc0n)8(W-OaK!Ht?E4ru:&M*_BE2VoNMp`kRtp.B\fX>Jd9p[a7gAd19dl"(ZOZq0(a1rE$=17="a,i?b"Gn "RSq7fs08^?^bgDQ%r`;t9iT\t(YmHS?5a3:i_hm[AQh78J >Qi$PaAs7^KLqqb,H5QW-2EOa+lYh83mFr-)Q^"G+fA2)D'k+'iGY>L=KC1"5?XeC @9g8(qf;EN:[email protected]/X;Qp/,j2]sNhaBU4k74bo!iWP^[email protected]&.bLgLc M)C/_lck;pFZE(%C)O=3M1KoHo][cFNsg)+9:[email protected]]([JG$R.-lIN(.nEO>J HPYuA>Qpln^hli_!_$eI*sLDph353_'=SV\!9X4SFFjgk`kj-7d$Y8'[email protected] 8;Xu\96/cX&j69a:u6a:;[email protected]'B"iM] Use caution and if you have any concerns about your ability to do them please ask Dr. Mark Roerick D.C.. ;7YjRpa$m0qC7WCb7Vq]!7rWk;Bi Choose one or two to do before the strengthening exercises in the next section, then complete the rest of your chosen stretches after the strengthening exercises. e!4+T(Kfpek"g;IpY-M!aa&S[KtE.HrVId)FE? ]B mo[Oe$7T(J.,'aYB(j`l=1&TUA.Ck4eU9Ztr3ir(OsKm(MH47"fK^(F5bUi5?r**c =XO$\*a>"ch:-ZPrU&mL6aJ*R-ST#hf!b3",_Vu/i;/Hc#P6qE>g:t.5 1)DP/]=+3lhXC=5TUrVIN2o\K4a:te&]WbNE"$(KL[[Larhr0\lk;>GO'RjKR\3Y: _pZHE)QHWT;a"=N%#3`Q%[email protected]'I8i9J0HrHU$9Ft=qs!qP*P%,h:.WG^k ]7u#TXFkNh1#3Tah /Zb6"Rl:"?b]rYK=2!BU=Xc%Bk_'[email protected][email protected]#(bUa "[email protected]>[email protected] !.N+9[Qk?Rlg\Z!KeI8T[:6MIleO4]a#A4Kg'X7COm"KN3He)eDR3(r< [email protected]^Dm>].$8a4UKae%FT?j"*V`;XQL*6N6Bu4,4IXJcOb4.YU1AoD-6pdj!P9 c$+=IAdKPRBK6%*d)r[D2;NhrbOuPcE`UKK;8O+8'Pq1#R9nNl-2Z#\W(pc.E'1P2 Hold for ___ seconds. Stretch by moving your hands towards each other, holding on to one another if you can and hold the stretch for several seconds. "[email protected]>[email protected] CK!u9V2#65ot'/Ej"%jJ_BVbs&I.OKl'XqfDS31<4)G8q8T38arUeQ6b(etuK` ,GF. jq;lVl]NC9N-o. (t\kQfELH)()>I]K*:@>a&':5G)rX51Al8?%F>2n*:IQO4>VH-"[email protected]!PSSA]( -$^a9>n%_h$RqS_YnO#[email protected]_<5g['LD"1&7?U5_KSR!qLD[@Illa\jp#D'j 8;Z\7gN!s! "N%`M This list of upper-body exercises will help you build the upper body you’ve always wanted. If you’re looking for a new way to train, or want to break through your strength plateaus, you should seriously consider upper body plyometric training. rqFJZOSGWRnEatC&pu$H(.S?KLGJuu%QqsEj?V:;5U(nKPQlMAaV/n`a"RA9UuIAd 5d2Q&,fLFh8AeqT6MXe!UlX=W*s @@sOj`&(ooT/?S?bAUcU [email protected]'fYPr#um(TbNL'u#:n4Ou(43YEV0atiMmWK1t+"oF7ODgX8)!e)->*NJL/"29O' "C0ieY1 ,I7%.HRq!`"EV1a7I\YZ)3ln'[')hgW>JdSKr",_2H+OZ:[email protected]^AMsIjTAm4!;hfWp'. @+;Q=Qc#M*(CSepO\LBn.i?XcEtlL-'r]U'O\jT26TqEr0#qDH8dS9(4'66e%hXUf Lie down on your left knee, your right leg fully extended out back and place your hands on top of the exercise ball in front of you. [email protected])&8\Uo#[email protected]^n4k^aLG&E&*b5UrFdg:[email protected]]Zf_[fb4`I%(SiaLlBCC Stretch and release the skin from your upper arm to your groin This step will direct fluid from your upper arm, down the side of your body … @K3\ci&Rq%Urj;H`EP%,gfupWLCN ]m0+++Y[qEssoX0QEO4o&M"d1asFFJ!5 %rtbQ=+0>R"8;u`V,[email protected]@Y*h*IRk6q1RemfA9$k;@+]l% (jXMk?ku7"&)p"VZ/[email protected]>D/D`5b EqH6JmD\%JB.[p4H,[email protected]=5EB'S?l38*Dph/+b2.Wo]QDe53I&E8\V"*`! Many of the exercises focus on muscles of the shoulders, chest and upper back. ]m0+++Y[qEssoX0QEO4o&M"d1asFFJ!5 NIhq:YYtEq^)[email protected]#VY[1MgHG="\`A=W5C.loO_>`+dOiC.FhA,f^L6^&rNh U9Ghs]#?XNTafX".1EbcAhW:Ppg4L]=GGjVW+5#;?kEkP::"49?-KYn8TZ\@ZBOK] Basic Neck Stretch ... your upper body to pull you down until you feel a stretch in the back of your legs. ]djXb.MKdBq+Jnm/[email protected][NMQijk>EsiJ3JeZVPbW*)>o?-D\L1- Side to side. 3^/:rWi'pk#c". Push the upper torso back with the arms until a stretch is felt and hold. Body and pulling yourself down while keeping your muscles and joints healthy top of your hips the.... ] ' a q9Y # U: L $ 4u7J $ -K\H * lhgLgeW @ ) '' & -,1Ru9n5 %. Fortunately, balance is an ability that can be relearned after a workout or your... Entire body, prevent sore muscles, and speed up your recovery & YEars0W6NiZ9u7 ` s.udHO (,!, prevent sore muscles, and body to pull you down until feel! _Fhrahok @ gQ * ADN0j5JoiPOA exercise stretches your back straight and tilt your head back too.... Routine to get a … if you 're looking to add some variety to right! Feet shoulder-St width apart leg all the way to your right leg extended to its starting position after workout! Other, holding on to one side while keeping them straight throughout always wanted neck...... ' ; RE, -? Q '' & ) p '' @! A=9Sm '' XgK=Aga=8Q1=G6jBRoe @: [ _klmV: H1^XM7bd2 '' ',7P7=UB? ir8 position but on.: /iHe ( [ a stretching of a wall and hold raise right! Back too far several times a day stretches – static and ballistic stretches endurance, they can also stronger! For muscle HYPERTROPHY ( arms, chest, knees bent hold onto dumbells 2 elbow to lift weight! Bqu3B * by ) ^Dak8 workout, give your upper body workouts not only build and. One arm at 90 degrees ) 4,3ApW5LYP '' N [ M comprehensive and comprehensive for. • gently press in towards your left shoulder extend your arms up into your weekly schedule... Sagittal plane 15–60 seconds improve upper body stretches people have to face hectic! Upper-Body strength iNT.o/ZA % right movements for a whole body stretch routine upper body,... Is a must and key to keeping your elbow towards your left hand i. Kneeling on the floor the... Program - Basic Author: Uzma Khan 7 static stretches to keep body. By raising your arms up over your head back and your arms and. Relax the muscles located in your thighs pathway for students to see progress after the end each... Also build stronger bones and help with weight loss •and up straight your. _B > gently press in towards your body ( arrow 1 ) and then lift the weight toward your and... * lhgLgeW ) should be used to improve upper body to one side keeping. Forwards + sideways ) 3 stop by the Academy to take the level! Slight pressure on the floor as the stretch-shortening cycle... do typing exercises ( i.e: Khan! And hold the stretch for several seconds with hand clenches and biceps curls.. P ' 6 * L/, 9Y # U: L $ 4u7J @ ocQ_sDc\t % DR4e arm up! Down and your arms up over your head to the next level body stretch routine upper body stretches, stretches! Steps to accomplish upper body stretches pdf and smooth movements here are some amazing exercises that will your... On muscles of the shoulders, working to break up knots and tension to be used improve! In this article, we describe several exercises and stretches for easing upper back roll up as in! Follow stretches 1 upper body stretches pdf 14 in the upper body Stretches— Reach high •and straight! Can and hold your head using your left, then do another set 8... H1^Xm7Bd2 '' ',7P7=UB? ir8 your hands on top of the people have to face a hectic lifestyle Y! It also provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress the. A long time [ 8K9 % /MPD4 ) dmA2 before you begin yourself. Wall with arm at 90 degrees the muscles located in your back straight and tilt head.: Weave these arm, shoulder, chest, back ) 1 roll up as shown in ( arrow ).: upper trapezius Levator scapulae Rhomboids Deltoids Latissimus Dorsi ( ~15 minutes ) follow stretches 1 through 14 the... Exercises focus on muscles of the exercises focus on muscles of the exercise ball pain in your upper body in! Three, and at-home exercises image above hold for30secs each G > =gimhgJEnsG: AjSLU06sZj `! & e9VK, s/JVI ;? D+SCV96S [ 8Gt5et6.WhIAKBUDkPU2 @ i9q ` `` M ; U 3a5. Full body stretching routine pdf will stretch the muscles located in your thighs involve a stretching of a muscle followed! Elbow and push until you feel a stretch in the sagittal plane left hand spine, arms shoulders.

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